The DHC-4 Caribou clearly misses its top speed

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I noticed during a test flight that the Caribou does not reach its maximum speed in level flight of 187 kts TAS @ 6500 ft (347 km/h). It only manages 172 kts TAS at this altitude.

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Just do a test flight in standard atmosphere

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SU 12 Beta

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On another test flight I achieved exactly the expected 171 kts at maximum manifold pressure and 2700 rpm at 1000 ft at 24000 lbs, but it has to be achieved at 41.4 inches and 2550 rpm (see orginal charts)

The perfomance data can be found at

I assume you have unloaded the plane to minimum weight right?

Not quite true, the empty weight in MSFS is 19000 lbs and the maximum takeoff weight 28500 lbs.
According to my mentioned source it still reaches 167 kts at 34000 lbs and at 20000 lbs it is 174 kts in 1000 ft. The power setting is 41.4 inches, 2550 rpm (maximum continuous power, 1200 HP).