The difference in the number of objects and type between 2D and VR


This only applies to airports.

Actually, I have been wondering what is causing this for a long time, but I noticed some time ago that there is a certain difference in quantity of objects and types in 2D mode, and then after switching to VR. After switching to VR:

  • aircraft models sometimes change to other ones, it was DA20 (default), after switching to VR here I see a different model, e.g. Bucker or Mini 500 (payware addons) or the others, sometimes are the same, very strange …

  • ground crew quantity, in 2D there are more of them, e.g. 4 around the plane, after switching to VR there is only … 1. The rest disappears.

  • vehicles, sometimes they also change to others after switching.

Any idea? Is it normal?

Just like the Graphics settings, the Traffic settings (in General Options) allow for setting up different profiles for pancake mode and VR. Check at the top for the switch PC/VR.

I think all the differences you listed are configurable in the Traffic settings (respectively, (1) Use Generic Aircraft Models and Traffic Variety; (2) Worker Density; (3) maybe Airport Vehicle Density or Road Vehicles).


Yes, you have right, I was thinking that only graphics settings are divided, thanks!

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I keep them set the same to prevent the world from changing when switching modes.