The Dragon’s Back: Hong Kong Group Tour: Sat 29th Aug 14:00 UTC

As a result of the decline in visitor numbers, the Hong Kong tourism board has decided to take drastic measures and recently given the approval for a trial ‘group tour’ flight in an attempt to attract international general aviation enthusiasts to the city.

Under the proposal, airspace rules will be relaxed, tight formation flying highly encouraged, and some of the city’s famous mountain hiking trails and beaches will be temporarily repurposed as bush landing strips. Authorities trust that in return for this unprecedented access, pilots will also put on a good show for the people of Hong Kong.

After submitting a preliminary flight plan to the Tourism Board, MSFS Pilots have successfully won the tender to take part in the inaugural flight.

The Shenzhen regional authorities have also temporarily granted airspace access for participants to briefly enter Chinese airspace for this one-off event. Prior familiarization with the area is not required.

This will be a guided tour of best sights in Hong Kong, all skill levels welcome!

Please post a reply below if you will be joining so your tour guide can get an idea of numbers for this one-of-a-kind event.


When: 2020-08-29T14:00:00Z
Take-off: VHHH - Hong Kong International Airport, RWY 25L
Cruise Speed: ~110 Knots
Altitude: 500 - 3500 Feet
Aircraft: Any General Aviation, bring your towel and sandals for the beach
Duration: Approx 1.5 hours.

** FLIGHT PLAN DOWNLOAD HK Dragon’s Back Tour 29 Aug 2020 .pln (8.9 KB) **

To use the flight plan, follow these steps:

  • Download the flight plan to a easy-to-remember location
  • Open MSFS
  • Go to the World Map
  • Click “Load/Save flight plan” on the bottom of your screen
  • Click “Load”
  • Navigate to the downloaded flight plan
  • Click load.

Please load your aircraft 15 minutes prior to take off at VHHH and taxi over to the side of the runway (25L)

It is advised in this flight to turn off both aircraft collisions and terrain collisions. If you do crash, find a position near the current pack of planes, take-off and use “slew” mode to join the pack. There will also be a scheduled stop at VHSK half-way through the flight.


Few Clouds preset
Sim Time: We will sync prior to take-off, recommend 5 pm for the best sunset views later in the flight :slight_smile:


Server (selectable under your gamer tag, right top of the screen): WEST USA
Multiplayer: All

Live traffic: As desired

Weather: Few clouds Preset


We will be using the official MSFS Discord Either Event 1 or Event 2 depending which is available at the time. To access the voice channels, make sure you have ‘reacted’ to the ‘Server Access’ message on the 'Important-Info" Channel.


Optional moving map: Flight Events

This is meant to be a fun and informal flight. Everybody is welcome, no matter the amount of experience.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment below.

Hope to see a good turn-out on the day!


  • VHHH
  • Sat 29th August, 2020 14:00 Zulu
  • VFR
  • Any GA or X-Cub
  • Flight plan - HK Dragon’s Back Tour 29 Aug 2020 .pln (8.9 KB)
  • West USA Server, All Players, Few Cloud Preset
  • Event 1 or 2 on Official Discord

Disclaimer: Any similarities to ‘official’ authorities is purely coincidental, for flight simulation purposes only :wink:


So much to see and so much fun!.. Looking forward to this again… :slight_smile:
(formerly GnarledHarbor87)


Love your intro, DaGen! Looking forward to joining next Saturday.


@DAGENERALOFPAIN Mind if I repost the details on another discord server for multiplayer?

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Sure please feel free to share - the more the merrier!

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Following. As long as I have internet after Marco and Laura pass through.

Flew through Marco this morning. Wishing you the best for its passage.


i been on the first tour during alpha and it was the best goup fly i had during all alpha

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Sounds fun! I’d like to join. But the discord invitation seems already expired?

I enjoyed the flight last time. This time I’m gonna nail that beach landing!


good spot, i’ve updated the original post above and the link to the discord is

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I’m going to love flying this one again!

Glad you can make it - I’m still working on the flight plan which will be slightly different to keep it fresh for those who joined in during the Alpha! Will make sure the .pln is uploaded at least a few hours before the flight :slight_smile:

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Nice… I’m from Asia, wonder if the 100+ ping will have any drastic effect.

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It doesn’t seem to. I’ve been flying most of my mutliplayer events on West USA with about 195ping and it’s been fine.

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Today’s the day! Please download the flight plan: HK Dragon’s Back Tour 29 Aug 2020 .pln (8.9 KB) Instructions on how to load the plan can be found in the original post above.

Cruise speed for the tour will be around 115 Knots, so any GA plane is suitable, however X Cub is recommend for the beach landings.

The tour will end back at VHHH but if there’s interest after, we can do a short hop over to Macau to experience the ‘Vegas of Asia’.

See you on the tarmac!


Hong Kong welcomes you!

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Plan on joining

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Looking forward to join! My first multiplayer flight :slight_smile:

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Plan on joining

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