The Famous MACH Loop Race

Here are the blimp files to install. I had to clear it with the publisher first.
This is a custom/commissioned blimp but he has added others to go with it.

I would love to help out as one of the staff positions for the event but i dont know if i would have time between the 3 or 4 categories i plan to partake in and respawns with various aircraft or sim restarts

Hello Howard,

Thanks for the awesome event today, I had a lot of fun. I hope that my computer issues did not get into the way too much. I practiced the course for an hour right before the event began and everything was working flawlessly with a consistent 30 FPS. But each time I ran the course during the event, my FPS started out good but slowly dropped to the single digits turning my sim into a PowerPoint presentation that ultimately ended in a sim crash. I will need to figure out what has changed on my computer because this has never happened to me before in the hundreds of flight hours and the dozens of other events I have participated in. Anyway, thanks, I still had a lot of fun.

Edit: I figured out my issue, my computer is not able to handle low and fast on ultra. Performing a normal flight is no issue, but buzzing the tree tops in alternating 90 degree banks at 350 knots is asking too much. I set my graphics settings to low and I was able to buzz that canyon all day long at 40 FPS (one of these days I will also test medium and high). This is a good reminder for others as well when doing this low and fast flying.

Thanks for the hint, i had similar effects with going low and fast in my Vertigo and my Vertigo Exreme. Especially the Extreme was going into “powerpoint-ish slideshow mode”, totally unflyable for me. So i changed my registrations. Gonna give it a try in “low”.