The FBW A320 is now Rock Solid (IMHO)

This is using the latest stable version from FWB (5.3.1.)

Using a high altitude setting FL340 from Milano to Nice, landing on RWY 5 ILS in “Live” weather.

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How does everyone feel about the new cockpit textures in the developer’s build? I’m not too big on them so far, but that could be because it’s still in the works.


To me, it is “as real as it gets”! The fact that so many of the switches are workable and the 3D views are so detailed is very well done, when seen on my large 4Kmonitor.

Okay, I’m going to point out a few things here for you, for improving your landing:

  1. It looks like at the 36:05 mark, your aircraft started drifting to the side. This happens right on LAND mode, which I believe it switches the flight controls to Direct Law. (anyone can correct me if I’m wrong about this). But what happens here is that you might need to add some deadzone into your controls. at least 5-10% is needed so the autopilot doesn’t receive the phantom inputs coming from your control. Which is more likely to happen at LAND phase and on Direct Law where the controls are very sensitive to inputs.
  2. Your upper ECAM is showing 2 blue items. This means you’re not fully configured for landing yet. First of which you haven’t armed the ground spoilers. You have to arm the spoilers because if you don’t, the spoilers won’t deploy and your landing could bounce and not slow down enough on touchdown (which is what happened here at 36:35).
  3. Second thing here is for the Cabin crew check, go to your overhead panel, and press the ALL button on the calls area. This will have the captain to call the cabin crew to be ready for take off or landing. This should make it green, and you should be ready and configured for landing.
  4. You might need to practice to improve your reaction time, because at that stage of the final approach, when the aircraft starts drifting away from the centerline, you should have disengage AP rightaway and react sooner to bring the aircraft back to the centerline.

I’m not criticising you or anything, but these are just tips that I can share so you can improve your skills, that’s all.

Feel free to browse through my YouTube channel and see how I do my full flights:


How there,
We have a new category, called Third Party Addons, which is where you discuss mods and aircraft that don’t come with the sim. I have moved your topic there.

I also agree that the FBW Mod is working very well right now, probably the best it ever has. My landings have been great lately. AP has not given me any issues, especially when it comes to following the FP and route. Also, something which bugged me about the default A320 was the very slow climb performance. The mod seems very realistic as it normally will take me 15-20 minutes from takeoff to reach my cruising altitude, which is very realistic. Also, the last big improvement for me has been FPS. It is running really smooth on my PC since the last update or two. Yes, I still get occasional micro stutters, especially at bigger airports, but other than that it’s not bad at all and overall its smooth.

I’m really enjoying the mod right now and the state that it’s in!

I really appreciate your comments. I am going to try your recommendatios. Thank you


I cannot find anything in the download that tells me what VESRION it is! Any idea how I tell which version of the A320NEO i Have?


I use the FBW Installer and manage which version I have installed with that.

I run the installer program prior to every flight in the A320neo just to make sure I have the latest, greatest.

I’m kind of with you on this. The newer textures seem to have way too much ambient occlusion baked into them creating these pitchblack shadows all over and there seems to be a lot of dithered gradients in the base color now. Parts of it absolutely look better but the excessive dithering and shadows stand out a lot because of it. Could be just my settings but the other cockpits’ textures look much smoother and the shadows are much more subtle.

Get the latest installer here:

as mentioned above, it will tell you what version you have.

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Thanks for that, but I tend NOT to use installers in this situation until I know all is well. But it would be a good idea if FBW did just place a small TEXT file with the version number in it …



My only complaint about the mod right now is honestly the cockpit textures. Night flying is such a pain because the panel is virtually impossible to see since it’s basically “blacked out.” Yes, I’m aware there is a flashlight feature, but the inside of the cockpit just seems so dark and pitch black at night.

Tried the dome light on the overhead and the floodlight on the main panel and pedestal?

Doesn’t work untill you turn on the batteries or ground power.
It is hard to turn those on when you can’t find them in the pitch black dark!
That’s when the flashlight comes in handy.

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Sure, that’s understandable.
If it’s any help, all this installer does is put a file in your community folder, nothing else.
It doesn’t overwrite or replace files of any kind.

Loving the mod but at the moment it’s unusable for me as I cannot steer the aircraft on the ground. I have the rudder axis mapped to my Thrustmaster T16 joystick twist grip but the turning circle is huge no matter what speed I taxi at. All other aircraft are fine. Any ideas what might be wrong?

Another thing that helps is turning on the overhead panel brightness. However, that is also hard to find when the batteries and ground power is off. I’ve just memorized the location it’s in. But once you are able to find the switch, it will illuminate the overhead panel which makes it a little easier.

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I use the flashlight, turn the overhead light switch on, then turn the batteries and power on!

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When the turning circle is large, rudder action is too weak. Tip: go external camera, you will get to know where your rudder is. Move it, see what happens. Just keep it somewhat longer in one direction but beware you don’t do it with too much speed (it will tilt, not turn), and don’t overdo it: avoid overcompensate, sailing it to the other side. I know nothing of 320’s or joysticks, but for smaller airplanes like C172 and Citation (jet) a sustained key press 0 or [enter] works to get a stronger rudder action.

Use Control key with rudder, to keep it in the result position (trimming rudder). Don’t use trim rudder on the ground… it is very handy when you are up and direction persists to go a little off to one side.

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