The forums seem super quiet

Simple, everyone was flying in the sim instead of trawling the forums. :slight_smile:


It’s a manual process.

There is multiple criteria to becoming a regular. It’s the community teams decision.

But we are going off topic here. Let’s continue talking about the forums being quiet.


I too have noticed a marked decline in the number of posts. It maybe all of the above or people are more confused by the new setup of the forums and don’t know where to post. I personally liked the old organization of the forums…FWIW


I also check the forums daily and have noticed a drop in the level of activity. I also believe there is less news on and there are fewer updates or new uploads on

In general, it feels like the rate of discussion generating change – good or bad – has diminished. There are no big updates or releases like the Fenix or first PMDG 737 on the near horizon.

I hope it is a temporary.

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People are too busy flying to be on the forums.



It seems that anyone here who calls a spade a spade and shoots straight without a lot of namby-pamby, doesn’t get nominated for sainthood, (“regular”) status.  And a lot of this doesn’t make sense.  In jest, I quoted a politician in a prior post and had it edited-out by a moderator within five minutes.  :person_shrugging:

Every other board run with this Discord forum software applies “regular” status based on number of visits and posts.

One of these days, if I’m in the neighborhood, I need to take @Crunchmeister71, (and a few others), out for a beer, a pint, a spot of tea, (etc.), and yarn about old times. :wink:

As far as activity, I guess it depends on where you are.  The few threads I lurk get a lot of activity.  Maybe people have decided that enough complaining has happened.

What’s important for me is that if I have a question, I post it and I get a prompt and, (usually), courteous answer.

I wouldn’t only go by the “new” thread count - press G - followed by L to see all the latest posts - there is much activity in existing threads.

The conversations, discussions, sharing, etc. continues in existing threads.

A lot of topics already covered by existing threads, pick up from there; dive into the conversation - no need to always start a new one. I see a lot of activity - updates every few minutes.

As soon as a major update comes, the forum will likely show hundreds of new threads again and the mods will be busy sorting them - some of them into many existing threads.


I had a little break from this over the holidays, started getting back into last few days.
It’s just annoying that there is always some bug that makes be want to play something else, for example I was enjoying flying the Cirrus SR22 until I realised the prop rpm was really broken on it when I went to reduce throttle. little things like this seem easy to fix yet we keep getting betas fixing other things that to me seem less important.



Yes please

Also worth noting is the (lack of) understanding regarding humour. I think much of it (British anyway) is lost in translation. In the Yorkshire Dales where I’m from, you wouldn’t get by if you didn’t understand the banter. I regret that it’s the same on here sometimes.

I suppose it is what it is as they say, whoever “they” are. I do my best but, like Monsieur Crunchmeister71, one can run afoul of the “lines” not to cross.


Closing this one. Let’s focus more on MSFS. If you are having an issue navigating the forums or posting, please send a DM to @moderators for assistance.