The Fuel Dock parking generate randomly the fuel objets

Hi There

I tried to add a fuel dock to my little altiport but when I load the scene, every time, a different fuel pump is generated !

I tried to place a exclusion rectangle on it to exclude these generated objets but It don’t work

Do you have a workaround please?

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I noticed it too
unfortunately I don’t think there is a solution at the moment, if you want to keep the parking as a fuel parking :frowning:

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Upvoting this, I’m really interested to know wether it can customized via XML or deleted.

This is bothering us since Day One…


Guys, I was freezing outside with my dog and then I thought:
What if we make visibly to 0 and… thats it!
We have the ‘logic’ but not the visibility
And then we place on top a sample objet custom or not

I’ll try later and let you know


Where do you set visibilty?
In the parking propreties there isn’t
maybe you want to add
in the xml file?

I didn’t had time yet to test but yes
I thought that maybe by making this kind of code It would works

But it’s not an object or I need to find the correct reference to start tweaking xD

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Any chance, to request an parking “FUEL - no draw” for the airport editor? That would do the trick - I also tried to manipulate die FUEL-parking with the service.xml (which deletes car-traffic on taxiways/gates) but no effect for fuel-parking… really annoying as it collides with custom parking-assets - and without is just a normal parking - or can the fueling-dialog can be scripted seperately?

I agree ! We should have the option to build a fully customized / working gas station. Do something Asobo, please ! :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

I’ve opened a Zendesk request today (#99091) regarding to this topic. But it was closed with a form mail pointing to this forum, the SDK documentation and the Discord community.

Amazing joke!

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Anything new on that? Did somebody check on “paid” airports if they managed it?

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ORBX said that his developers are not putting Fuel Parkings because they seem not able to remove the spawning items. This means, even big corpos have issues. ASOBOOOOOOO, we don’t ask much…just a “working on it guys, it’s in the backlog” :sweat_smile:

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News - Not really

Set up a complaint #99161. This was set to solved after publishing release
Opened new ticket #102268 five days ago. Still no response.

Just from current SDK Q&A on twitch: next plans for SDK “improvements on Scenery Editor - including the exclusions!” → There is hope :slight_smile:

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Got an reply to my ticket.
MS has taken this issue into their internal bug tracker.


Hi there
I have a great new for you all !

You can not uncheck the “Has Mesh” on the parking fuel to remove the 3d mesh put by the sim and instead use your 3d asset :wink:

It’s all working great !