The game does not start on steam

Do you know why the game does not start on Steam? and when trying to verify the integrity of the games a window appears that says “Wininstaller.exe stopped working” ?? I already installed some dll files that I requested and not even like that. Thank you for any help

Try verifying the sim’s file integrity within Steam.

Now I managed to open it, the game is working for me, it would not let me verify file integrity and it told me that I needed the file or program vcruntime140.dll, I had already installed it according to instructions, and nothing, but it worked installing it directly in the folder of the game on Steam. Thank you for your valuable time.

Word of warning… If you get the game working from Steam, don’t use verify again or you’ll end up downloading all the packages again.


Well, I appreciate the advice, thank you

I think that only happens if you install the game packages in the default directory, the same thing with the reset app setting in the Windows Store version.

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Thank you, the problem has been resolved, I appreciate everyone’s support.

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