The landing challenges seriously need a cinematic replay option upon completion

Even when you enable the experimental replay feature in options, you cannot use it once you land and end up in the menu, what are your thoughts on this? i think it would be pretty awesome to have something like this, i know I would love it.

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That would be awesome! I’m not a pilot and when I can land a 747/A320 successfully within the context of a landing challenge that gets high marks I want to see it a few times! :wink:


Hi there,
There is a subcategory called Wishlist where you can ask for feature requests. Putting it in General Discussion does not make it a feature request, so I moved it here.

So, like FSX, if you used that sim. That functionality really helped me to improve my landings and worked at any time - not just in challenges / missions. I believe the position of your aircraft (Lat/Log/Elev) was stored in a running cache that could be replayed for the previous 5 minutes.

FYI, though not germane to this request, you could also save entire flights to FSR files in FSX that allowed them to be played in other flights. I used this a lot in missions to add additional aircraft that followed prescribed flight plans.

Back when I did development flight dynamics in FS9 and FSX instant replay was essential, especially in proper design of contact points for landings. Also for the couple of carrier aircraft I worked on it was very helpful to get the replay from outside to critically analyze the behavior.

Besides it’s fun, I think I probably replayed every landing I ever did!