The Manual Cache Should Be Redesigned From the Ground Up, Possibly Connecting Designing a Flight Plan With Manual Caching if Desired

I think the issue is that alot of people don’t use the manual cache so only a small niche amount of users have run into the issue and it hasn’t made the splash asobo needs to tackle it short term. I personally have submitted zendesk requests on this matter and suggest you all do the same. The answer they provided wasn’t great, but it lets them know that people are interested in this feature.

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This is a great idea, definitely something I would love to see added, im in disbelief that the manual cache is still the way it is after all of this time.

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At this point, I would be happy if they just fixed the panning bug, so it would be the same as it was to begin with.

They made “server side changes to optimize manual cache delivery”, but why bother when it’s nigh impossible to tell what areas are actually being selected?

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Having the same issue. Strange, but earlier versions did not do this. Spent hours with this ‘feature’ convinced that it makes a performance improvement but who knows? Maybe I’m just wasting my time and disk space tediously mapping scenery only to get the occasional WARNING:CANNOT ALLOCATE crash. (one trick seems to work is renaming the New Region to where you want cached before wasting your time mapping it). Anyone know if there are any benchmarks that shows manual cache is worth the hours of my life I’ll never get back?

Agreed, I really feel like this is a 10-minute fix on their end that isn’t getting their attention due to the lack of users using it simply because it’s broken.

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this is really a must have no one has unlimited bandwidth

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I can’t even begin to be bothered to actually go through and actually use the manual cache system in its current state. My hair would fall out and I would die of old age before I could even download the US… I am allocating my entire external hard drive to a rolling cache and that seems to work ok for now. But I would love to change that, Asobo must think otherwise lol.

The manual cache entry scrolling bug is still there. It’s absolutely maddening. At the end of a long entry one doesn’t really know if the area you think you defined is really what is stored. As you zoom out the area pans up and down from where you think it should be. I just entered some high res areas along the Thames in London trying to mimic the bends of the river where the most intense parts of the city are located. Zooming in to get to the high res entry you can only do a fairly small area of the river. Once you put that in you left click and pan. If you go up or down, suddenly the area you already defined pans as well and moves away from the river. If you zoom out you find you were not centered at all where you thought you were.

Asobo needs to give 3rd party developers the structure of the manual cache file and let others design an entry interface that is easy to use and reliable. My patience on this has worn out.

i don’t want you to feel uncomfortable A/M, but yes, the manual cache block selection grid parallaxes along the y-axis wrt the map.

and i spent 1 to 2 hours selecting manhattan,ny, in highest detail and waited some minutes for the download to complete, it did, occupying around 5 MB * on disk.

(* value form my memory, could habe been 80 MB, the unfortunate point is 80 MB download after 2 hours selecting is pointless (also those surely not is the data?))

I second mc from flight plan (i ticketed this to ZD indepently some weeks ago).
(is rc working at all? mh looks “horribly” disfigured (high settings, 2 MByte / s down) the first time i fly over it, and each time after)

Last time I tried the download size was in the many Gb range. A few subsections of Manhattan are ~1.5 Gb each (see post referenced in my linked post below). For me ~300 sq mi around Manhattan was 45 Gb about a year ago in highest level detail. Since then, I’ve given up on the manual cache and I am purely going with my rolling cache and the new preload cache option in the sim put on ULTRA. The Manual Cache Should Be Redesigned From the Ground Up, Possibly Connecting Designing a Flight Plan With Manual Caching if Desired - #11 by Weiwei20050623

Such values are more in line to what I would have thought.

My MC is / was set to either 200 GB, 100 GB or 50 GB (I don’t remember, one launch of FS it got lost (“path invalid” or something around this line) although it was very present in the fileystem where I created it; i did launch FS on another, my portable machine, though recently before which does have a different path. Perhaps ((M)C) location settings are synchronised to OneDrive / the account which would explain why “it changed”, my “My Documents” are sync’ed to OneDrive) and I selected Mh @highest, NY @medium and surroundings @lowest.

Perhaps the MC size wasn’t sufficient and the download bailed out.

Notes to developers:

  • does MC bail out when not sufficent space? (makes sense) Inform the user about it!
  • does FS sync (M)C locations across accounts / OneDrive? Please don’t (particularly file paths, free space are likely to be different across machines (hw performance might be as well but hardly for me (also anyone flying might actually want to experience the same look across machines and even take note of the hw perf capabilities rather than having the same perf))).

It would be a nice Feature to have the ability to cache the scenery according to the Flightplan.
So kind of a manual cache based on the flight you are about to start.
In best case it would happen during preparing the Aircraft for the flight. In the FBW it is for me about 30 minutes.
Maybe it would also eliminate some sources of problems.
The scenery which has to be downloaded could be a narrow band, with the option to revert back to streaming, if you for example have do difert.

The whole Feature should be optional

Did they get rid of the manual cache? You could use the manual cache to cache your route when it worked.

For me it never seemed to really work (manual cache)
Also with the interface it would be a Nightmare to do it for a 1000NM flight

It’s an interesting idea and I also thought about a similar feature but never created a topic on it.

Some places I could cache and some places, normally cities, I cannot for the life of me cache as it CTD’s after a few seconds. Cape Town South Africa, refuses to be cached on my system aswell as OR Tambo airport (FAOR). Both result in CTD

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Manual cache KSFO, KATL… KLAX in high resolution was created normally, at numerous attempts to similarly create LTFM and some others - CTD !
Seems to be working fine in north america…

Manual Cache

Personally I think the manual cache should be simplified so all you have to do is select whatever area you require, and you should be able to do that at any zoom level. Once selected THEN you selected whether you want Low/Medium/High res. Having to create an area with high level at such a zoomed in perspective is what makes it tiresome at the very least.