The marketplace desperatly needs quality control ASAP

I agree with this. I’m an xbox user, quite happy to do extensive research and solicit multiple reviews of products before I shell out on the marketplace. I don’t think Microsoft’s job is to decide whether a particular addon is ■■■■■ or not. It’s subjective anyway. I have seen enough reviews of the 737 Max to surmise that it is garbage, but I know there are people on here that actually like it.

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I think they need to work on the marketplace review UI so not only can you leave a rating but comments on that rating. Someone could give something a bad rating because they didn’t get enough custom paint jobs. Others that the it’s missing a single detail that they wanted to see.

Or if you just go with a star rating have at least a few categories such as accuracy and visuals. Could be a 5 for visual but a 1 for how it flys.

Same with airports. Some might be accurate just look like garbage.

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I kinda agree with this. I wish I read/watched some reviews of pretty much all of bredjustok3d’s content. Then I watched a video review on the f-14 and F-15 tomcat by DC designs and that review said that the LOD was low. Seeing as how I love the f-14s I went with the f-14a and f14b package. Wow the level of detail is not great it is still a lot better than anything that bredjustok3d has done. Bredok3ds DFW airport CTDs when you load into it or CTDs when you get within 50 nautical miles of it. And trying to get help with most of the third party developers is a joke.

Always check reviews on youtube and forums before buying, and stay away from Market Place if you can.


Agree with the first part. Absolutely. Be diligent, read/watch multiple reviews before deciding.

Unfortunately, being on the Xbox, I have no choice but to use the marketplace.

Hopefully things will change, and it’ll become a better place in time. Although I won’t bet my house on it.

I’m curious if anyone’s heard a reason why MS won’t curate its own marketplace? Seems like a strange business decision and I can’t see the logic. That’d be like me going into Target and buying a gallon of fresh milk, but when I get home I open it and it’s cat pee.

I go back to Target and say “hey, I bought this white jug that says ‘Fresh Milk’ on it but it’s actually cat pee, what gives?”

And they say “That’s your problem, buddy. We never guaranteed the jug that says fresh milk won’t contain cat pee. Should have done your research, not our issue we don’t curate the products we allow into our store and sell directly to you. Don’t complain just drink it.”

Anyway, seemed like an apt metaphor to describe my thoughts on it…


Same here. No other choice. And you cant blame a guy for wantin to fill his hanger lol

It’s perfect.

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I don’t get what takes them so long to release products on the marketplace of there’s no QC. What are they doing that makes it so some airports only appear after months of being in something like the Orbx store?

Quality control means different things. Being a good product is one. Ensuring the add on does not blow up other things for other users is another thing. Now that there is an Xbox version out there things need to be tested to ensure it does not negatively destroy the sim.

That said the purchase could still suck.

The thing is that you already paid for it so they’ve got your money.
You can see which addons are more popular by looking at the rating numbers. You’ll clearly see that lower quality addons are more popular. Probably because of price. The solution would be to lower the price of higher quality addons.

I look for some reviews on youtube of what I want to buy before buy it…it saved me in at least two situations!

With FS9, FSX, P3D, X-Plane, etc, did you assume that when you when you purchased an add on from a developer or downloaded freeware, that somehow Microsoft had “curated” it or “blessed” it somehow?

Buying add ons has always been about knowing what the reputation of the vendor is and taking a chance until more reviews and opinions are out there.

Neither Microsoft nor Asobo can give anyone a “seal of approval” nor can they test or otherwise guaranty that every add on sold in the market works for everyone.

Only thing they could do is kill the market, which would limit Xbox users.

There’s nothing wrong with a lot of the addons in the marketplace. Most of the airports are of a decent quality.

The problem is the lack of updates released to keep them quality and in line with any changes to the sim.

I don’t regret my purchases I just want them to work properly.

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The only ones you want to watch for is the 777 737 max.

However on Xbox they are ok considering it’s all we have. Pc users don’t have to worry about that problem because of the multiple marketplaces and availability of aircraft they can get their hands on.

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Sometimes we have to do the best we can with what we have…


UUEE Sheremetyevo in Moscow crashes often on the Xbox even after removing it and reinstalling. Why are the airport updates lacking behind?

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All my Add-Ons work ok for me on my xbox marketplace. All ok on my end.

I have this airport on PC and it works flawless, I think it was updated months ago so it is strange that it is not updated on the marketplace yet, I bought mine at Orbx.

Yes it did and I use to be on Xbox but now playing on PC :wink: