The Marketplace has been updated! (week of August 26)

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Marketplace was updated today adding 2 new products and bringing other 7 previously released products to Xbox. You can check a list of every product currently available in the Marketplace by clicking here.

  • SAWH Ushuaia Airport and Carenado’s PA34T Seneca V were supposed to be added on this week’s Xbox update, but they were not available at the time of the writing.

Thanks for the update. Thinking about getting the MB-339A/MB-339PAN for Series X.

The reviews I’ve watched on Youtube seem pretty positive about this aircraft.

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Now if they could just fix all the duplicate listing that are still in there. There’s even now duplicates of the updated products that had duplicates showing before the update.

No Seneca V :frowning:

I’d prefer the hawk but hear the mfds hit frame rates a bit so may pick up the 339.

It isn’t showing on the Xbox store and I thought it was coming - I love me some twins although I’d like to get into an atr-72, otter, and the islander.

Has anyone on Xbox bought the MB-339? Does it run well?

Absolutely, it runs great (better than it did for me on pc)

Hopefully people will now realise that ‘fighter jet’ with the garmin is an absolute joke :roll_eyes: :joy:

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Just did an hour flight in Iceland with the MB-339. Wowzers. I love it. The aircraft feels smooth and the acceleration is intoxicating. The sounds are pretty spot on. I’m glad I made the purchase.

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Picked it up and it’s a lot of fun - only thing is I can’t get the hsi or heading bug to work - anyone figure them out or are they ‘bugged’?

Nevermind, I figured it out - hsi and heading bugs are mapped to the triggers, not the right analog stick for some reason.

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