The most advanced Haptic Feedback gloves! Woow this looks promising, really promising

Man if this actually works as advertised…Insane.


Aaaaaaaaah! I want those gloves!!!

Yes, I think that now we are near to getting great visuals innovating gaming manufacturers are going to increasingly look at the ‘immersive’ angle of gaming like haptic feedback. Even the ‘stuff’ we have now like sim shakers and bass shakers make a huge difference to the gaming experience especially in driving or flight sims. I use a (fairly simple) base shaker in my flight sims and even that makes quite a big difference as regards immersion :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah I agree. I have the realteus forcefeel, to actually feel your wheels connecting with the landing pad and flaps and turbelence combined with VR is really immersive.
Hopefully in a couple of years gloves or haptic gloves are standard in MSFS.

Do you think something in between could work built into the controllers, without being full on gloves?

Just sort of imagining less intrusive ways to get a similar experience.

Yes this exists and this is called a Valve Knuckle, the standard controller shipping with the Valve Index, and I can tell you the immersion factor is light years ahead to standard VR controllers in every game taking advantage of them (starting with HLA).

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The best really for now is something like ctrlpoint, it’s a finger device they use in VR for dcs. You can use your stick and throttle and all other hardware combined with a small tracking device on your finger. I wish they would develop something like that.

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