The most annoying AI traffic bug

Dear fellow simmers,

For me the most annoying AI traffic bug is that departing aircraft climb slowly to 1000FT and then climb even more slowly to their target altitude.

I think this bug persists since release of MSFS and it’s still not fixed or improved…

What do you think is the most annoying traffic bug?

Planes landing, then disappearing, or trying to land long.


Airliners trying to take off and land on the 2,886-foot GA runway at KSNA instead of the 5,700-foot jet runway. :smiley:


That’s one of the reasons I stopped using KSNA. I also hate them landing long and how they ‘hop’ around on the taxiway.

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I saw one plane, live traffic as that’s all I use, go utterly berserk. I think this was at TNCM. It landed, then lurched off to the left of the runway, ploughed through several terminal buildings, and narrowly missing the water, then did a wide circle to the right crossing the runway before disappearing. Weirdest thing I’d seen all year.

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SU13 beta is much better for AI Traffic. But most of the default airports are not prepared to receive AI traffic. I´m fixing the ones I will depart and land from using ADE. I rarely find a non-fault airport in the afcad files. The new World Hub will be very good to help share this work

I love ATC most when they give me commands like this:

  • Speedbird 123, climbt to FL 220
  • Speedbird 123, descend to 9.000ft
  • Speedbird 123, climb to FL 190
  • Speedbird 123, descend to FL 100
    Etc, etc. ect - all in quick succession
    … you get the idea…
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Or the contact center, contact approach, center, approach… every 30 seconds.

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The passengers now need to pay extra for those moments of micro gravity.

Can I have more than one?

  1. Pushback - how AI aircraft are just pushed straight and set free
  2. Stepping up and down with terrain, single contact point
  3. Becoming one with the good lord and taking flight instead of rotating
  4. Zero separation resulting in mass go arounds
  5. Landing and taking off in multiple directions at once
  6. Zero flare, slam down WWE style onto the runway

I hope MSFS2024 can address some of the more glaring issues.

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I did notice something new: AI planes keeps on taxiing after landing.

Is this on the beta?

No, I am not active in Beta. Never seen before, so this is totally new.

What I find annoying is when on approach and seeing traffic on the roads below you can see them moving then they suddenly disappear, any ways to solve this? Breaks the immersion big time!

I’ve seen this for quite some time (years, perhaps?) especially at the aforementioned KSNA. After landing, the jets will sometimes make a very long circle onto the adjacent highway, sometimes heading off into neighborhoods. It seemed like I remember them eventually making their way back to the taxiway but some of them just disappeared.

Yeah, it’s a weird thing for sure.

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The most annoying to me is plane disappearing on the return flight to an original airport! This has been an issue since SU10 and not fixed! No matter what you use, AIG, FSLTL, MSFS’s own, etc. this issue is there! No AI plane when returning to the original flight (return flight)! Not sure if they will ever fix this at this point! Sad!

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