The Most Annoying Thing In VR For You Is? (Complaint)

The windows resize bug was fixed with SU10.

Sure it was, but this is a different matter.

No it wasn’t, the “position” was fixed but the resize issue still persists and as above after breaking it in SU7 they now “won’t” fix it.

The resize issue is a big pain. It makes the windows unusable if you resize and close.

I’d rather have the position bug back instead of dealing with an enormously oversized window.

There are so many of these annoying bugs that should be solvable with a minor half *** effort. Having your head smashed into the instrument cluster, window sizing issues, etc.

After the culling at WFoV is finally largely under control in one way or another, what annoys me most of all is that my PointCtrl cannot be used in the FS. Asobo, please create a single preview for VR so that we don’t see 4 instead of 2 cursors and can also calibrate pointctrl!

VR controllers was a flop, they tried to reinvent the wheel. sadly no one wants to deal with it anymore and so the Devs have walked away from it. how many mods have working yokes? the auto center is my main issue… GET RID OF IT!


So many other Games have dynamic DLSS or at the very least dynamic resolution…wonder why MSFS doesn’t as that would help smooth out the drop, right?


new msfs problem for me today - artifacts, like jagged thin lines briefly flashing across the screen about every 5-10 seconds or so, 1 or 2 at a time. doesn’t happen in other games. pimax 8kx.

Stutters when I move the head to the left or right.
I have now a 4090.

Next week the rest of the parts arrive. I7 700k, 32GB DDR5, 2TB nvme.

Cost me totaly 3400usd for this new PC…
Then Hopefully no more stutters.

Annoying is the fact we are still using fresnel lenses. Glad to see a few headsets going for the pancakes. I’m really hoping HP makes a G3 with pancakes. It’s a minor complaint for sure and VR has made some big strides especially in terms of visual quality. If I can ever get my hands on a 4090 I’m excited to see what the G2 can do.


Surprisingly, Carenado consistently does. Their support confirmed they always do, and I told them they should advertise that because mods usually don’t. Works fine in my PC12 and Bonanza V35. SWS stated the Kodiak had full VR support, but the yoke is broken and when I asked the dev about it he had no idea it didn’t work. I bought the C414 from Flysimware after the dev told me they had lots of VR users, and after the yoke didn’t work there either he didn’t know what I was talking about. He actually worked with me to fix it though, because it turned out he literally only had to add 4 lines to the aircraft.cfg because the grab spots were already configured for the manikin co-pilot to use. Only problem is the rotation axis/curve is half what it should be and after telling him that I didn’t get the impression that it was any type of priority to fix, especially considering these devs don’t have VR themselves to test (Quests are cheap y’all, and can probably be written off as a business expense).

I eventually just gave up and bought a Honeycomb Alpha (arrived today!).

they tried to reinvent the wheel.

In my experience with many VR games and web forums for those games, a good deal of the problem from my understanding in listening to devs is that EVERY new VR development team has to re-invent the wheel for their game. Pre-made packages, tools and engines don’t exist for VR devs like they do for flat-screen devs. They have to figure out how to do very basic things from scratch. It becomes very clear when non-VR devs try to implement VR in their games.

found out later that this complaint was nothing to do with msfs, it was me, i overclocked my gpu which caused the visual glitches.

I built a physical panel and haven’t used my controllers in a year.

I’m not even sure where they are, come to think of it…


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I want a G3 too but from what I’ve heard HP is more or less out of the VR game now =(

I’ve heard the same. I will likely get a Varjo Aero at some point. Just dropped $1700 on a 4090 though so it’s going to be a while. Looking forward to seeing what the Reverb can give me with the 4090.

Pixelated clouds is the worst thing to me. And the general downgrade of clouds not looking as good as they did in SU4.
Shimmering is another one.

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In general the most annoying thing in VR is the super small sweetspot. Havjng to move your whole head instead of just eyeballs is unrealistic and annoying. Main reason why I stopped using VR except some short fun flights.

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Shimmeryness/pixellation of scenery, especially with DLSS.

I want the image quality and smoothness that the msfs trailers have, but in VR! Once we achieve that it’s mission accomplished


Then how are going to play Beat Saber?

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HA!!! Not sure it’s even in Beat Saber, but in my mind I just started nodding my head & singing “What Is Love?” by Haddaway. :joy: