The most dangerous approach with A320 Fenix

Come with me for an approach and a landing on Paro (VQPR) with the Fenix A320.
During the video, I will give you the tips and tricks to do it well like the real pilots because it is the most dangerous approach in the world.

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Yes that´s some awesome challenge and a truly SUPERB list of how to do things, almost like a checklist about what exactly is done and clicked in the cockpit directly on the screen.

There is only one detail missing: Please give me the flight plan for the MCDU, so I can input the departure airport with SID, the waypoints and the STAR with ILS number and runway number for this awesome dangerous airport!
I think I am going to fly this route tonight with my beloved Fenix :smiley: thank you very much for this video.

What you are flying this by hand?
Wooah… Well I am not sure if my skills are good enough for this landing I am no good pilot only a good MCDU programmer and button-klicker and out-of-the-windows looker while the autopilot flies…

edit 2:
But there is hope: I am going to program a custom waypoint flight route through this canyon and let the Airbus FLS system land if this airport has no ILS! To keep the Airbus flying computer philosophy at large *ggg

I have liked your video over there on YouTube too.

Thankyou very much for your comment.

The flight plan: VEPY RWY 20 star SUBSU1 via P888 RNAV 15

ALT: FL 190

At VEPY you take off, HDG= 206° you gain altitude and retract the flaps. Then do a “DIR TO” on SUBSU and follow the flight plan.

Good luck

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Absolutely brilliant video, I will try this later. I see on Volanta there is a challenge for Paro. Slight concern what my touch down will be like, positive at best! Great video thank you.

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Do not be scared.
In the video, you have all the keys to succeed in this approach
Good luck !!!

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Excellent detailed instructions and guidelines. Definitely the best available for the this awesome approach into Paro. And your landing … superb!

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Had 3 goes at it resetting the flight each time. First flight flew through at 11000 ft didn’t get the descent right. Second attempt crashed, went off the side of the runway was really high and went for it, error! Third flight landed it a little long but 369 rpm touch down. Enjoyable although the EFB didn’t like starting from VEPY.

In the video I allow myself to give the keys to a successful approach, you can imagine that I didn’t do it for real. I saw several videos, like this one:

And, if you watch from 03:47, I follow the exact same “path”. The pilot runs along the left side of the valley, above the torrent, which allows him to turn gently to fly over the dune and there, begin to turn to line up. I am at the same speed (managed below 140 Kt) and same rate of descent.

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At VEPY, I had no problem with the EFB:
Persons: 140
Freight: 1.5
Fuel 4.2

I used Simbrief which did set the weights but it appeared that VEPY is an airfield under construction, not sure if this has any bearing on it but when it came to the Departure brief it didn’t populate the ICAO VEPY choice of runway etc. I used V Speeds based on similar weights, fortunately it is a nice long runway!

My descent from PR888 was more of a VFR descent, I observed the altitudes you stabilised at against visual references and followed that, I wouldn’t want to try it in marginal conditions though.

I quite like the visual approach into LDSP Split as that has high terrain to avoid and you pick up the runway late. There is a very handy highway that leads you in nicely to finals.

Thank you again for a great video.

FYI because this is not the subject of the video at VEPY, I’m starting from the RWY 20 so the engine is running at TOGA thrust.

My descent from the PR888 was more of a VFR descent, I observed the altitudes you stabilized at against visual references and followed that.

This is exactly what needs to be done. The descent is done in VPT (manual) by widening the RNAV trajectory. If you do an RNAV descent with Auto Pilot you will arrive above PARO at 10,000Ft and then you have à “circling”.

Watch the video (posted above your message) from 04:00 and you will see that I take the exact same path as the reals pilots.

That’s how I flew it the first time, I sort of worked it out, my second attempt should have really been a go around but I pushed the nose down and got it all wrong the third go was better, I just floated slightly and landed long. You can see why pilots have to be specially qualified to make that approach.

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Says this video is unavailable. Have you removed it?

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Where did you get the altitudes to stabilise from?

It is so long ago I can’t honestly remember, I am sorry. I seem to remember using the visual cues there is an escapement that you turn over and my recollection is that it keeps you high on finals with a definite push to descend once clear of the high ground and then a need to stabilize as you are very quickly at the airfireld and runway threshold.