The Pilot Club 15:ZULU Group Flight: EGPH

TPC Flight Ops team, in coordination with VATSIM, invites you to join our 15:ZULU Group Flight.

This new group flight brings European skies to The Pilot Club Flight OPs, with an earlier start time to better cater for all of our European members and a chance for all our U.S. members to experience a bit different ATC and flying conditions. Scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of each month, come join us for the first event on 19th February for a fly-in to Edinburgh (EGPH), the historic capital of Scotland. The event will be open to all aircraft types and as always will be on VATSIM.


Date/Time: 19 Feb 2022, 15:00z

Host: Brendan


Aircraft: All

Time on Target: 1600z-17:00z

Routing: Pilot Discretion

Flight Notes: Flight briefing will be at 1500Z. Aim to arrive at EGPH between 1600-1700Z. Some suggested departure points are: Jets/airliners: Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM). Fly from one of Europe’s main hubs across the North Sea and up the length of Britain. Fast GA/turboprops: Sumburgh (EGPB). Take in the challenge of flying from the windswept Shetland Islands. STOL/Bush aircraft: Barra (EGPR). The classic! Take off from Europe’s only operational airport that uses a beach for the runway and take in the stunning inner Hebrides and west Highlands!

Read ahead: Skyway code HERE

Read Ahead: VFR comms guide HERE

:warning: Make sure you have read SOP

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