The Pilot Club FLY-IN THURSDAY: Henderson & Boulder City, NV

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TPC Flight Ops team, in coordination with Los Angeles ARTCC & VATUSA, invites you to FLY-IN THURSDAY group flight, brought to you by SKY BLUE RADIO.


Briefing Date/Time: 17 Nov 2022, 8p EST (01:00z)

Hosted by: Flight Ops


Internal Comms: Discord / Event Voice Channel

A/C: Airliners, bizjets, Turboprops, GA Light. This is a hybrid event - a/c is your choice - all are welcome!

TIME ON TARGET: Departure airport is at pilot discretion. Arrive at destination airport between 0200z-0300z

:warning: Make sure you have read SOP

If you plan on flying this flight, indicate interest in Events channel on DISCORD.

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