The quality of Stuttgart (EDDS) airport is amazing!

I think they got in touch because Aerosoft is a high quality developer team, and Justsim … not. And also because Aerosoft is a German company and Jörg is also a German. And Aerosoft has a good reputation.

I do not see jetways as you. Any advice what might be causing this?

Actually, it is not our friends at Gaya but Aerosoft material.

This is a bug. You need to start a flight, then go back to the menu, and plan and start a new the flight. Then you will see the jetways.

Possibly, and I’m certainly not complaining!
I didn’t mean to spark any comparison by the way.

Anyone else have 2 sets of runway lights at EDDS?

the first thing to do when you change scenery in MSFS is always to clear the rolling cache if you use it. It resolves loading problems like stutters or double objects, improves smoothness…

For example I use Troglodytus’ austrian airports and wanted to remove the LOWK scenery that came with the update. I removed it from the content manager and didn’t see anything in the sim then, just a basic airport. Even a restart of the sim didn’t resolve this but deleting the cache did.

do this above :wink:

If you like flying out of Stuttgart, I’ve noticed 4 new photo sceneries for the area at

I may even give them a try myself

Did u resolve the issue? I too have the same issue. Gigantic cars on the airport

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not yet, but since the airport was made by Aerosoft, perhaps the incompatibility is with one of their own. Haven’t had time to test extensively. Do you have any scenery by them?

Yes i have. Guess ill have to troubleshoot each.

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Tried this today, didn’t fix it. Does one have to restart sim after clearing cache for change to take affect?

not to my knowledge… I can’t help then, sry

just landed here on 25 and had to hand fly it in because the ILS was a ways off. Perhaps I did something wrong. The airport does look nice though.

It happens to me in LVFR’s LEMD and LEBL, Asobo said it is a bug they are investigating, noone know why it happens. Reloading the airport seems to solve it sometimes.

Maybe these topics have to do with running cache ? the old info is still in… update comes…

Most likely there is a conflict with jetways and the caché, it seems they are not saved. (Take into account that if you put the caché in low, as soon as you turn your head a bit you can see the jetway disappear, so it is indeed affected by the setting).

I haven’t used any cache since SU-4. I see short term popping, I don’t see changes or old/new overlaps. Since they put the off screen caching option in graphics, I’ve put that to Ultra, now the pops are farther away… I really like this new option in the WU-6 update.

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