The quality of Stuttgart (EDDS) airport is amazing!

Hey there. I really have to say, that the Stuttgart airport that just came with WU6 ist amazing. Its on payware level if you ask me. We even have custom jetways.All airports that are coming with world updates should be on that level.
Thank you Asobo!


What happened?

Ok this is heavy. Hopefully you will find the problem. Have you cleared the community folder? I wish you all the best.

I must say I agree partially.
The terminal is great, but I wish they would have modelled the Bosch car park above the motorway and the trade fair center since this is all so close together and feels like it belongs together.


Agree, all the new airports are brilliant. Great work from Gaya/Asobo!


It’s amazing to get so much content for free, this is a €20/$20 airport if you would buy it as a payware product!


better or the same as this?
EDDS - Stuttgart Manfred Rommel Airport » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Yes. It is 100 times batter.


Yeh so many great quality airports for free and new regions to explore. Normally we would pay $$$ for this.


just jumped into there and agree. brilliant. I know it’s unfortunate some people have issues; fortunately very rare for me. But all this - free!!

It is really good. Gotta give props to Gaya for stepping up their game.

Please ignore the Godzilla cars. That’s a compatibility issue on my end that I need to find the culprit addon for (if anyone else has the same problem, please send me a list of your addons in the community folder in PM. It’ll help narrowing down the list).


Ahhahahaha. Norton? Seriously?

Fix for this is to uninstall Norton just as quickly as you can!


RIP to those who got the JustSim one.

You have to update digital signature also.

Honestly I don’t like Justsim. There products aren’t good. The night lighting is bad and the textures don’t macht the real airport. I ceep my distance🙃

The airport is very good. You can even read the names of the planes on the roof.
But what bothers me is that the car park with the BOSCH logo was not updated, although it can be seen on the screenshot from the World Update. I didn’t have a mod and also cleared the cache.

It updates the day after a release. Seems to be a delay between MSFT and Nortbots…

Agreed! The airport is top quality.

However is anyone else seeing double taxi signs at the Hold Short?

The correct sign is Kilo in the image below:

Also seeing something strange at LOWK as well:

How come you guys see jetways at EDDS? On my computer, it looks like this:

That is the same as in the MS screenshots (e.g. from the marketplace, see example posted above). My Community folder is completely empty, and I have rebuilt the content.xml file. If it doesn’t show the jetways now, I have no idea what else to do…