The quality of Stuttgart (EDDS) airport is amazing!

Hello I have the Payware EDDS Addon from Just sim and the quality is much better. The new Updated Stuttgart Airport is ok but not great. For my Home Airport the Airport Quality is too bad for me.
Look for the much higher detail Payware Airport and you will see it is much better if you go into details.
But yeah nice Update and great work

Agreed! I just dont go near any 3rd party AV, just cause endless problems from what I see on friends systems. Win10 Defender has served me well.

No the Just Sim has a better quality sharper textures than the Updated one and glass Jetways

Update: The problem is no longer, although I don’t really know why. Just loaded the plane at EDDS again, and now the jetways are there. The one thin I did do in the meantime was clear the cache. Maybe that helped.

There is an ongoing (< WU 6) issue related to “disappearing jetways” (in general - so not a specific problem of EDDS). Don’t have any reference right now, but I’m sure you’ll find it here somewhere on the forum, if interested.

Yes. I have that too. This should be fixed.

According to the following interview, the airport appears to be from Aerosoft:

PixelCritics: Wie sieht die Kommunikation mit diesen Third-Party-Entwicklern aus? Stehst du mit denen regelmäßig in Kontakt?

Jörg: Genau so ist es. Um bei dem Beispiel Stuttgart zu bleiben: Ich hatte auf meiner Liste, dass dieser Flughafen repariert gehört. Hier habe ich gesehen das Aerosoft bereits den Flughafen in Planung hatte und habe den Chef angerufen und mich mit ihm ausgetauscht, dass ich den Flughafen im Basis-Simulator implementieren möchte. Wir kamen schnell zu einer Lösung, er hat von mir als Kompensation für seine Arbeit eine Entschädigung erhalten und wir haben einfach seinen Flughafen aufgekauft.

See Microsoft Flight Simulator: im Gespräch mit Jörg Neumann über World Update 6 und die Zukunft des Simulators


Thanks for the link - interesting interview.

I wonder why - about EDDS - they only got in touch with Aerosoft while JustSim released the airport back in February and FeelThere released another version at the end of last month.
I mean, in the same interview he states: “Mein Ziel ist es natürlich, dass ich diesen Unternehmen nicht auf die Füße trete.” (Bing translates: “My goal, of course, is not to step on the feet of these companies.”)

At any rate, really nice airport.
Would be nice if the release notes contained info about who worked on airports and landmarks: this would prevent attributing one developer’s work to another.

I agree, its amazing.

Hm… would be interesting to see screenshots how it is compared to Justsim.
Basically I am not very satisfied with Justsim products.
Especially Riga has very bad night textures.

I think they got in touch because Aerosoft is a high quality developer team, and Justsim … not. And also because Aerosoft is a German company and Jörg is also a German. And Aerosoft has a good reputation.

I do not see jetways as you. Any advice what might be causing this?

Actually, it is not our friends at Gaya but Aerosoft material.

This is a bug. You need to start a flight, then go back to the menu, and plan and start a new the flight. Then you will see the jetways.

Possibly, and I’m certainly not complaining!
I didn’t mean to spark any comparison by the way.

Anyone else have 2 sets of runway lights at EDDS?

the first thing to do when you change scenery in MSFS is always to clear the rolling cache if you use it. It resolves loading problems like stutters or double objects, improves smoothness…

For example I use Troglodytus’ austrian airports and wanted to remove the LOWK scenery that came with the update. I removed it from the content manager and didn’t see anything in the sim then, just a basic airport. Even a restart of the sim didn’t resolve this but deleting the cache did.

do this above :wink:

If you like flying out of Stuttgart, I’ve noticed 4 new photo sceneries for the area at

I may even give them a try myself

Did u resolve the issue? I too have the same issue. Gigantic cars on the airport

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not yet, but since the airport was made by Aerosoft, perhaps the incompatibility is with one of their own. Haven’t had time to test extensively. Do you have any scenery by them?