The *real* achievement in Flight Sim is getting the "achievements" to actually work

Just wasted ten hours of my time trying to earn the Gold Rush achievement. I never once used any kind of assistance. Never used back on track even a single time on this or any other Bush Trip I’ve tried. I even immediately closed the VFR map which force-opens itself at the start of every flight, and flew with nothing more than the navlog open. (I reopened the VFR map one single time, by mistake, on one single flight for about 5-10 seconds and then closed it again.)

I finished every single flight successfully and sequentially with no assistance (you can’t even enable assistance on Bush Flights), with no autopilot (there isn’t even an autopilot on that plane), and hand-flying everything without any use of anything except the timer and the (frequently awful) navlog instructions. I only crashed a single time enroute, restarted that single leg immediately and successfully completed it on the second attempt, too.

Every leg ended with a message indicating it had been successfully completed. I also hit continue to go to the next leg on every one before exiting Flight Sim. And the Bush Trip shows as 100% completed in the Bush Trip menu.

But did I get the achievement at the end of many, many hours of effort to jump through the hoops Asobo wanted me to? Of course not.

And it’s not just this one that’s buggy. I also completed the Balkans bush trip months ago, got the achievement for it and the flights to achieve it still show in my log book, but if I look in the Bush Trip menu it claims the Balkans Bush Trip hasn’t even been started, let alone completed.

And then there’s the My Way achievement, for which I have done literally dozens of flights that should qualify me, but which still hasn’t unlocked all this time later.

Seriously, Asobo, your entire achievement system, mission tracking and log book system is beyond hopeless. If you can’t be bothered to fix this stuff, just take the achievements out. They are nothing more than a random lottery as-is, and serve to do nothing more than annoy – they CERTAINLY don’t add to the entertainment value even slightly.


Yeah, that happened ever since the Top Gun Maverick update, I noticed that after doing every single training mission it was back to 0% after that update… Really odd, Asobo…



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If it’s any consolation, I gave up on bush trips as they were so buggy. Completed 2 (Alaska, Patagonia ) but no official recognition of completion. Just both stuck on 90% or something like that, never “complete”. Then a sim update or two later and all my progress on bush trip and training got reset to zero despite showing many completed in my profile :man_shrugging: All my hours and badges are still intact (thankfully). I find it’s best not to get too attached to points based challenges in this sim.


I can sympathize with the frustration.

My advice - dont focus on these “achievements” just enjoy the hours spent virtual flying.

So in your situation it was not a total loss because you finished each leg successful and had fun doing it. You had fun flying :small_airplane: So dont feel too bad!

I feel this is the real win - not the achievement :slight_smile:

I used Content Manager to remove all challenges and sightseeing flights. I find them utterly useless.

More fun doing free roam.



Yep, this is a good point certainly. :slight_smile: And like I said, I do still love the sim. Spent several hours on a rare gaming sesh with my brother (who lives overseas, and we don’t often get time to play together) just today and we loved every minute of it.

I may be cursed with a compulsion to want to complete these achievements, and it may be infuriating when the bugs completely prevent that, but I did still have a lot of fun regardless. But man, Asobo, please either fix it or remove the achievements regardless. Don’t promise us the endorphin rush and then not deliver!

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I understand totally as I’m like this with the Just Cause Games and these games actually have a % meter to show completion and if a bug prevents that its maddening!

And really like you said it these achievements are in the MSFS game then they are meant to be earned and they need to fix it!

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Just wondered if anyone from Asobo actually interacts with these posts or do we jusst assume that nobody is paying any attention? I completed the Cali / Nevada bush trip the other day and no achievement popped up. I know it isnt the point of the sim, which i still love, but as has been said before either fix them or just remove them. Happy flying.


In fairness, I posted it in the general discussion forum and not as a bug report. (Albeit I did so because I’ve seen similar bug reports go totally ignored in the past.) But yeah, it’s not likely to get a response from Asobo here.

BUT… They’re definitely aware as they’re soliciting feedback about missions (or rather, were recently) and I got in with the very first post in the thread:

…so hopefully we’ll get a response on their next development stream, coming some time next month.

No one from Asobo directly responds to anything on these forums, the mods are the “go between” who pass information on to the team which isn’t ideal and has flaws but at least it’s something. During the Q&As they’ve claimed they do read the forums, but how much they read and act upon is anyone’s guess


For me the Anemoi achievement doesn’t unlock, even though I properly completed the Balkans bush trip, without using the “back on track” feature. :frowning: And of course the Decathlon achievement is unobtainable as well, since there are no weekly challenges in the sim. I wish Asobo brought them back and there were new challenges every week. Any default landing challenge would work, really.

Hi @MarkWithers2006,

A few points of clarification. The forum staff you will see posting here consists of two types of people: the moderators (aka “mods”) who are unpaid community volunteers. Their role is to ensure all posters abide by the Code of Conduct. The other group is the Community Managers (me, @iinKWest, and @Jummivana). We are paid employees of the Microsoft Flight Simulator team.

The CMs try our best to read literally every post written on the forums. Obviously we don’t work 24/7, so it’s possible that we occasionally miss something if it’s posted at, say, 11:45pm (local time for us) on a Friday night, but we really do make our best effort to read everyone’s posts and comments. If you don’t see us responding directly, it isn’t because we are ignoring you. Sometimes we don’t have a good answer, or we are looking for an answer, or we cannot comment on the issue at the time. A big part of our job is to share player concerns with the rest of the MSFS dev team, which we do multiple times every week.

In addition to the CMs, many other members of the MSFS team from both Microsoft and Asobo (programmers, producers, QA analysts, and more) actively read the forums, particularly the Bugs & Wishlist section. Feedback from our players – especially when it’s very descriptive, respectful, and constructive – is extremely valuable to us to as we endeavor to make Microsoft Flight Simulator a better product.



I’m well aware what you guys do (it’s appreciated), but my points remain :slightly_smiling_face:

Welp, the missions Q&A was pretty disappointing to be honest. They answered almost nothing that was asked or raised in the feedback poll. The grand total of attention they gave the bugs was to say “Yes, there are bugs. They’re logged in our system.” No acknowledgement of which bugs they’re aware of, not even just the main two or three. No discussion of when they’ll be fixed, or even if they’ll be fixed at all. They also totally ignored almost all of the suggestions/requests such as for multiplayer, ability to change plane type, ATC, refueling, etc.

It seems from the tepid discussion it was given that we can expect missions to continue to languish unrepaired and often uncompleteable, sadly.

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Yep. I still cant get the ground services thing even tho some have and you can only request like all of them and I always do and never get the cheeve.

Today I got an ILS landing acheivement out of nowhere on a landing challenge and the ils litterally was dragging me to the left of the runway and no matter that I did the plane did not respond like it was on autoland or auto pilot or whatever and I just about slammed into the runway going far to fast and like about 20 feet over the ground all of a sudden the lock on my controls.released and since I was pulling hard to the left the plane shot over and BAM I was on the runway somehow in one piece.

And then the acheivement popped up with a score of C (which must be the worst it can give if you land and walk away because my plane needed a ton of maintenance for the ruined landing gear, blown tires, crumpled fuselage and connection points where the landing gear is, etc).

Just funny what it will give you and what it won’t. Got this and wasn’t trying… just trying not to die in a horrible wreck, and I’ll do everything asked of me fornthe ground services acheivement and I’ve never got it. Don’t know why. I’ll ask for fuel, power, catering, pushback, baggage, power, jetway connection, all of it. No acheivement.

Is there some special airport that like some rare ground service like bottle service or evacuation practice or something is available that you have to land at to unlock?

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