The reason why Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Have So many glitches and bugs


Since 18 Aug 2020, The official release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It has been thorough one year and 6 months. We had fun, Experienced the world, Helped us during Covid-19 pandemic and lock down. As a Player, I want to say thank you to all worker in Flight simulator teams :smiley:

But, when we had fun, there are lots of bugs and glitches appears simultaniously, Crashes, Optimization, Aircraft model and System, IFR, VFR issues, seems these kind of Bugs will never end.

Lets be fair, think about this, Battlefield 2042 and cyberpunk 2077, The team of these two games Keep delay, and The final result was, ’ Mostly Negative’ on steam. So, compare to bugs and glitches, MSFS team already shown the road map of development and will solve serious problems As soon as possible.

Some of you might ask, Why GTA 5, minecraft, those kind of games does not have many issues, We need to understand msfs 2020 has opened a new era for PC gaming. And this is the First game that has a map 1:1 ratio to real world, this Huge game will have bugs as well.

Another thing is 4K optimization, Although 4K gaming has already been up for few years, it still not quite developed, and the optimization for 4K gaming is extremely difficault.

So please be patient to the msfs teams, there will be bugs, but as you see, the team is trying its best to solve the problems for us:D


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I just had the best flight so far, clear, clouds were nice different kinds, no stutters, just beautiful. thank you MSFS2020.

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This is a great post.
When I was was a mere whipper snapper having just left University with a Mechanical Engineering Degree I was told that for every good job I did - it would spread to 1 or 2 people but for every bad job I did - at least 10 people would get to hear of it.
Last 30 years of working - that’s pretty much the case. I’ve built stuff all over the World and done amazing things.
What I love about Asobo - is that they’ve committed to this for at least 10 years, and 10 years is a helluva’ long time when it comes to Engineering.
We’re in good hands. Keep the faith.
Keep Flying.
Life is a work in progress.


It’s actually not.


Imagine you and 1 other person are the only people left in the world. Everyone vanishes. How long would it take you to re-create this sim?

I grew up remembering how “ground breaking” Pong was. When games like Pong, Pitfall Harry, Pole Position, Pac Man came out, they were FUN! So advanced from anything we previously experienced.

That happened in my lifetime. Also MSFS 2020 has happened in my lifetime. Sure there have been glitches and mess ups, and I assume/expect there will be more. That doesn’t take away from the absolute brilliance of technology we have today and the brilliance of this sim.

I lack many good qualities, but perspective and appreciation for small things is not one of them. Then again I wouldn’t call MSFS 2020 a “small thing”.

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True words… I walked the same path games wise.
Back in time, when pong appeared, I couldn’t even imagine flight sims would come our way, let alone MSFS2020.
Based on what I experienced so far, I see a bright and promising future for online flying.
The future has only just started.
Happy :small_airplane:


Yes continue :smiley:

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