The Roads Less Traveled: US Highways by Air - US Route 95, Day 4 Nevada - Fallon, Tonopah, and Nellis military ranges - 1/25/23, 7p PT/10p ET

The Roads Less Traveled
1/25/23 - US-95, Day 4 in Nevada - Fallon, Tonopah, and Nellis Military Ranges.

Nevada is well-known for her mountain ranges, dotted with gold and silver mines and the ghost towns that used to support them. Some of these mountain ranges hide other man-made mysteries in the broad alluvial plains and dry lakes between, shielded from public access by a monstrous volume of restricted airspace and federal land. Tonight, through the magic of the sim, we get to ignore these restrictions and go explore them. Along the way, we will discover more of Nevada’s boom and bust history and relationship with military projects.

This segment of the tour will be a two-parter as there are too many detours and points of interest to fit this all into one night. All are welcome to fly along, chat, lurk, whatever your preference.

7p/10e PM Wednesday (03z Thursday)!

About The Roads Less Traveled series

  • Stream begins: 7p PT/10p ET (03z +1)
  • Start Location: KLOL (Lovelock, NV)
  • Aircraft: Kodiak 100
  • Server: US East

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