The Salesforce Tower in San Francisco is missing

The Salesforce Tower, an iconic landmark, the tallest on the West Coast, is missing. The City seems to be built from a map a few years old, before the tower had started construction. It is a dominant feature in the San Francisco skyline, very hard to omit at this point.

Also, the San Francisco Bay Bridge seems to have a “solid shadow” on the water surface, almost looks like land.

Yep, in addition, the Salesforce Tower in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) not labeled as such is missing.

Hey there! @BayElites

I would suggest filing a report via Zendesk while making sure to include as much information as possible. Thanks!

But issues like this don’t fit into any of the categories there.

When filing a report, select the “I want to report a small bug or glitch/feedback” option. From there, you can fill in the rest of the details and even categorize it as a Scenery issue.

Bing Maps last update in SF was 3/9/2014 unfortunately. Bottom right of has a feedback button

My guess is this was done for a third party to come out with a missing buildings pack. $7.99 such a deal.

Tokyo tower is just a big black tower.

So, that’s cool. :ok_hand: