Had a good read on this article, wanted to see your guy’s opinions on this. Might be a while especially for PMDG and others to get products out given the state of the SDK right now.

It will take time. But we are going to get there eventually.

That said, your post will be merged since there are already 879 posts talking about the state of the SDK.

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There are freeware landscapes for Matterhorn, Yosemite, and Monument Valley that look better than what this 3PD is showing in their screen shots. There is native mesh adjustment tools in the scenery editor, I think these guys dont know what they’re talking about…

In fact, I think if they’re not careful, someone out there will design a free version of the Dolomites and make their offerings obsolete.


They should probably wait until Europe gets its update, especially as it looks like they’ll have to redo things to accommodate a new mesh.

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Most likely have not really messed around with the SDK but gave this one a read and just thought it was interesting. Hopefully it becomes more up to date really soon so we can see good quality aircraft for the sim. Excited for the QualityWings announcement of the 787 from yesterday as well.

I’m still waiting for the CGL CTD fix. :poop:

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