The Sim on Xbox is (not?) Sublime Right Now

Hi there.
Just spotted this stream. I wish I could be more positive but I am getting slow SIM rate. I have posted several times on the issue but can’t figure what’s going wrong in that I cannot re create it.

Essentially I take off in say a TBM, Fly for a while and then on arrival the SIM rate is running at about 80% i.e for every real time minute that elapses the SIM is losing 8 seconds.

You can tell something is wrong because it takes so long to approach and land.

Gutted, I was loving the SIM but I am running out of patience. Many others are getting the same problem.

I have done a total re install but same result.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Going to test turning off VRR and Freesync to see if there is something funky going on the Xbox trying to keep a certain framerate with HDMI2.1 etc

I must admit, aside from the crashes I don’t have performance issues I consider serious. The occasional brief stutter when on finals to a complex airport, or when changing cameras views that involve rapid panning.

Since PC owners are also subject to these anomalies I consider the Xbox experience a generally good one.

Yeah it’s strange. I agree re stutters, but it’s not that it’s the whole sim rate is running more slowly. For example setting a climb rate of say 2000FPM but in a minute it’s 200 short because the SIM is running slow, so it’s taking longer to cover distance over the ground.

It very strange how an Xbox can be different and only effect certain users.

Anyway I will put some more time into it to see if I can get it to repeatable.

Thanks, was just putting it out there to see who else is effected.

Out of interest are you running any funky game modes on your display like VRR , Freesync etc , specifically TV tech rather than a computer monitor?

No, nothing extra. The only time I’ve ever noticed things like you mention is with ridiculously high winds but I imagine you’d have picked up on that by now, or otherwise known if you’d inadvertently altered a setting.

Do you change sim rate during flight?

Yes this is a real bug on xbox. I suspect it’s affecting a lot of people who are mostly not noticing. I think it has been happening to me for some time before I really cottoned on to the symptoms. The whole sim slows down together, even the clock. But it can also speed back up again. I suggest everyone on xbox to keep an eye on the rate of ticking off the clock and add their feedback to this bug:

This is not caused by intentionally changing simrate, and in my experience can slow down the sim anything from a few% up to 50%.

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Never noticed that before. I thought it’s only occuring when one is changing sim rate and then returning to defsult setting.

+1 for being totally unaware. The sim running 50% slower I’m sure is something I’d notice so perhaps it’s not affecting everyone?

So my latest experiment. I fly from Catalina airport west coast usa to near Los Angeles. Amazing cloud formations, it was one of those , unfortunately rare, times when you are just gob smacked by what a group of people have done to make something this sophisticated look so real. Not only that, I am putting stuff in the g1000 C172, setting up an approach. Amazing.
Now on this occasion, flying for an hour ish, nothing slowed down, perfect even though it was big clouds and LA scenary, buttery smooth responsive aircraft, fantastic flight.
So what did I do different. I need to test this but here is what was different…I didn’t change the time, used real time, nor did I use the ATC.
So in my next experiment, when I get time, I will try one of those two things.
I am wondering if it’s changing the SIM time of day that is causing a problem. I fly in the evenings, live in UK and when flying within UK I always change the SIM time to day from evening/night…maybe that’s where the bug is. Almost always my problem is in that UK region. Will keep you all posted. Cheers Steve

Just downloaded the ATR update. Handling seems better but black avionics prior to touchdown, followed by some stuttering while taxiing to stand… followed by a CTD. Doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Black avionics are a more general problem but it’s possible they are a sign of running out memory and the patch could be causing the aircraft to use more memory

The drzewoecki design kewr is missing building textures for me is that for anyone else? For example the new terminal just isnt there, only the roof shows up

So latest from me. I have conducted several flights from Catalina airport to KCRQ in the C172(1000).

No slow downs at all at any time. There were lots of clouds, windy, I was using ATC, changing the time of day, multiplayer on , silky smooth and spectacular terrain. All good.

As soon as I repeat the flight and instead use the TBM, almost immediately I get a slow SIM rate and it won’t speed up again.

Everything running slowly, and I am again getting to 52 seconds on the UTC clock for a real-time minute so running 8 seconds slow. Climb rate is not meeting FPM I have set so it’s not just the clock. Aircraft feels slow like low frame rate.

I tried turning off VRR and Freesync, no change.

So I know now it’s CJ4 and TBM but not the 172. Going to try my VisionJet on same flight. I don’t know about other aircraft , I think my VisionJet is ok

Use the bug thread and the reporting template to add your experiences where the developers will see them, this is just a general chatter thread where it will be lost.

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Oddly enough, I just came here to post about my most recent experiences…

I think I underestimated the influence different aircraft types can have on sim/scenery performance. Several flights in and out of Drzewiecki’s EETN today, but with the default 32N rather than my normal choice of the AT7. No issues whatsoever. No stutters, no vanishing textures (save for the intentional LOD draw distance), no black displays… and no dreaded CTDs!

When everything’s going smoothly, this sim is indeed sublime on Xbox!!!

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The “other” Asobo game, A Plagues Tale: Requim today received a 60 fps performance mode.

Wish we had some sort of simular option for our Sim on console.

That makes me think this could be AAU1 related if it also happens in the Longitude.

Question is, how often would we get anywhere near 60fps? Besides, the perceived ‘smoothness’ of a game is as much about programming efficiency as it is about framerates. Your TV / monitor is also a factor. Given what could do with being fixed, increasing the fps performance is low priority.

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I was referring more to the “performance” mode rather than the 60fps. I would still be happy with a 30fps performance mode, with somewhat lesser graphics if that means no CTD’s or black screens.

Anyway, and way offtopic: a very good friend of mine is so kind enough to donate his 5 year old game PC this weekend. I’m stepping in a new territory this weekend…


Good luck with it! The general consensus seems to be that you need a high end PC to beat the series X in graphics quality, although you should get a lot more stability at least.