The Skies are empty

So what are you doing while you’re waiting for this downtime to end?

Me, I’m just hangin out watchin TV

I’m flying… One of the lucky ones, this time anyway… But my time might be short… Started in the 50’s FPS, then 40’s, now 20’s… Here comes CTD I bet on final. Knock on wood. Hope it resolves soon for ya.

If you Try flying into KADW, that may wipe that “LUCKY Smile” off your face .

You just don’t know it yet …

As my frame rate dips to the teens, I think my luck has ran out. So much for trying to fly a 2.5 hour flight, it’s the 30 minute flight simulator.,

Honestly? Truthful answer. I am in the process of Redownloading p3d. Yes I know it will be a shock to my system after using MSFS since the day it launched, but at least as I gradually add all my old Scenery addons, I will be able to have a back up that I can fly when situations like today’s downtime happen.

Later edit:- glad to see MSFS is back up. I will spend time with it again tomorrow. I plan on it continuing as my main sim. However, it was great to fly my newly re-installed P3d for the first time in 14 months. The beloved Just Flight Chipmunk had been sorely missed, and using ORBX true earth, I had the Scottish highlands close to msfs standards.

But here is what hit me. I was enjoying it offline. And if those core products were updated tomorrow, I could elect not to update and still enjoy the experience unaffected. Msfs has its advantages, but in this respect they have lost something critical in terms of user confidence… it is called stability.

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Currently watching Tommy Boy on Netflix


More laughs then MSFS2020 anyway! :rofl:

Nothing wrong is having the choice of being able to run Multiple sims, if that’s what you want to do.

While currently I now only have MSFS installed, not a day goes by when I do not think about XP or P3D and am " tempted".

But just not enough hours in my day to have 3 sims to play with !! (Just one is time consuming enough ) – although Winter is coming fast (and so is XP12 !! )

hurray it’s letting me update now! see ya in the skies my guys!

That’s disappointing, I thought that long flight bug was supposed to be fixed with this update.

@XtremlySalty Actually… Don’t lose hope. It might be fixed/better… I was getting a little “nervous” when I saw it dipping into the 20’s late into the flight. But then it just bounced back into the 40’s (i have the gfx pretty cranked up), and I was able to land without issue. No CTD or terrible stutters. So not a lot of testing, but a good sign. Even during the brief period in 20’s I don’t think I would have noticed without the FPS display. It was still smooth out the window, and no stutter. Unlike before were it would get more choppy as the flight went on and then freeze or CTD.

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