The tallest building in MSFS2020?

Think the AI went a bit nuts when it generated this building. Just south of Melbourne International if you want to check it out for yourself… You can’t miss it :wink:


This gave me a good chuckle.

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Cut it in half and put it in Taipei… because somehow Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world, isn’t there. lol


Any idea what’s actually supposed to be there at that spot? I’d be curious to see what the AI is trying to represent with this monolith :smiley:

Found it! :wink:


Ah lol would be interesting to see if it is higher then the burj khalifa

Tom Haverford, is that you?

Is there a radio mast there? Have seen the autogen turn masts into high rises before

That is funny

there is more to this than a simple glitch.

I have played all the iterations of MSFS since 2.0 and that tower was DEFINITELY present in one or more of those, at an equally ridiculous height. Perhaps it was an Australian scenery upgrade.

Whatever problem in those older versions seemed to have migrated to this one. Also, nether Bing or Google have such an obvious error, so I believe it has to be based on something historic. The odds of the same error int eh exact same location… It’s Coburg or Fairfield isn’t it???

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I finally visited the World’s Tallest Building in Australia today. The building is right next to the Essendon airport in Melbourn, Australia.


Zendesk bug report already submitted. Cheers.

Yeah, my goal is to get good enough to land on top of this building before the bug gets fixed. :slight_smile:


You will need my permission because I own the penthouse! Cheers.


Yeah seriously how can the most iconic building in Taipei, once the tallest in the world, not be there!