🛣 The Tōkaidō Road (Tokyo to Kyoto) {Mount Fuji, 3 Official/Modeled POIs, 14+ BTR POIs}


You may remember my National Park events the past several weeks. With Season 1 of that series done, I’m starting a more relaxed series of flights along major trade routes, waterways, pilgrimages, etc.

Unlike past events, I won’t be live streaming my own audio or camera, which means I can actually hang out in the Discord CTAF channel if anyone else would like to chat! And for those looking for a less social flight, I will still be live streaming, but this time Bushtalk Radio will be the main host.

This is my third event with the new format, so I’d love your help in shaping future flights!

Hope to see you there!

What to expect on this trip:

  • Mount Fuji
  • A surprising number of race tracks
  • 3 Official/Modeled POIs
  • 14+ Bushtalk Radio POIs

Server: West USA
Settings: All Players, No Traffic
Discord: Discord
Twitch: Twitch
Suggested Add-Ons:

Flight Plan:
(They are identical, the second just has short waypoint names to work around this bug.)

Airplane: Beechcraft King Air or TBM 930
Weather: Few Clouds
Liftoff Time: 6:30 AM (9:30 PM UTC)
Rough flight path:

  • Climb to 4,500 ft just before the National Park before Mount Fuji
  • Able to descend from there to about 2500 ft for rest of flight
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