The tradition continues

Really? They fixed two major bugs! The spikes and the water going up the coast

Most see similar or better performances

Yes they did break taxi lights (not really a show stopper) and flight dynamics for a few planes which is a lot more concerning considering they were not that great to begin with


Flight dynamics and modeling would be most important in a “flight” & “simulator”. To me, flight modelling is important.


Yes, please ignore this comment.


I disagree. But i’m definately not a ‘defender’ of asobo.

This update was the best so far for me. And i’ve seen alot of updates fail indeed since alpha. Sorry you see otherwise.


Wich flight dynamics from wich planes are you talking about specific? I haven’t noticed anything different in flight characteristics.

Overal flight dynamics seem alot better then the older sims. Except for maybe the airliners. Well i believe their flight dynamics are better but the aircraft themselfs aren’t properly making use of the new flight model. Ga aircraft seem to behave much more realistic then anything else in the flight sim world.

Aerobatics however…

Seriously? How could you miss this thread?

It has been acknowledged by the community manager and flagged to the developers


Didn’t see it. Read the first sentences and you’re Right! Noticed it on the tbm yesterday, almost didn’t slow down on approach and touch down speed was alot slower than usual. Only did one flight so thought i messed something up myself. Didn’t pay anymore attention to it. Was flying the 172 today and seems all fine though.


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Yes it seems to impact the turboprops the most.


Pun Intended! :wink:

They are working towards having beta testers so they can have more testing done before updates are released I think that’s when things will improve with new updates, but may cause more delayed updates which I expect people will moan about.

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Boy I wish I could say this update has made my player experience better, BUT I’VE BEEN ■■■■ TRYING TO DOWNLOAD IT FOR 2 DAYS NOW. Yea I’ve tried all the solutions for looping downloads with no success. Another WONDERFULLY TROUBLESOME product by Microsoft.

I have noticed after the latest update that my frame rates went from 60 fps to around 40 fps. Not happy with the decrease in performance.

Isn’t t this a discussion forum? Guess they can’t take constructed criticism :grinning:


That is strange… my framerate has increased with this update (approx 5-10 FPS). I always monitor performance metrics while gaming.

i7-9700k 4.6GHz, GTX1080ti, 32GB, 3440x1440, NVMe install

Wish I could say my framerates have gone up, but they are at a big 0 since I can’t even get the update downloaded and installed.

I’ve seen both an increase and decrease in fps, depending on how I set up my system.

If I just fly without popping out instrument windows, I see an increase of 5-10 fps. I’ve never seen my frame rate so close to 50 fps in MSFS before.

However, if I pop out instrument windows like I typically do for my home cockpit setup, I’ve found that flying in my regular areas, my fps has decreased noticeably. I see decreases up to 10 fps from my regular 30-35 I used to get over PG areas and 35-40 over autogen areas.

However, despite lower frame rates, I see better consistency in frame times when looking at the dev mode counter. The experience seems far smoother despite having a lower frame rate. I landed at KSMO in Los Angeles last night. Typically I’m riding about 20-22 fps over LA. I was doing and it’s a stuttery mess. Last night I was getting about 18 fps over LA, but it was a fairly smooth experience nonetheless.


I basically agree with you on most of the issues, however, not on this following. I really think that taxiway edge light invasion thing in the modified airports is a real game killer.

It wouldn’t be an Asobo update without some glaring bugs that should have been caught with even minimal testing.


They also broke ProjectedMesh which makes a lot of purchased sceneries not working as expected.
And they introduced new items in the scenery process such as groupings of aprons and polys without any notice. And the format of the DevMode scenery editor was greatly changed without instruction as to it’s use… but I’m just nit-picking. :crazy_face:

I re-structured the quotes on my post by correcting the codeing, please consider the latest version.

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