The Vr Modus looks Grainy and crashes on rx6900Xt and Reverb G2

Hey Flight Simmers,

I got a question for all Simmers who play the Vr Version of the Game with Amd Hardware and Reverb G2.
Please help me!
I have a 3900X with a 6900Xt and the G2 and the Game perfomance is horrible in VR. It crashes to desktop in random times. (Sometimes after two houres, sometime right in the startmenu)
The cockpits are looking amazing but everything outside, like Fences, Buildings Lamps and clouds look very pixelated and it stutters when you look out of the sidewindow (on airport you can see up to three bluetaxilamps, instead of one. Other moving scenerieelements like cars or pinwheels are stuttering like shi…
Everything out of the cockpit looks much to bright. Clouds and also buildings and runways… Winter season is worst…
All drivers are up to date and i reintalled the game few times but it still sucks…
It doesnt matter if i reduse the renderscale or set all options to low, the stuttering effekts are the same…
Desktopversion runs fine but i need vr :slight_smile:
Payed so much money :see_no_evil:

Does anyone of you got the same problems?
Is there a chance 4 a sulution mr asobo?

Greetings from Germany and sorry for my bad englisch :slight_smile:
Love you all + stay safe in the cookpit