The VRAM subject

Asking to those who know

I am sure that some of us were waiting for VR release to update their GPU’s /CPU’ hoping that the braves that have been able to do it prior the long awaited update can “test” and give advice.
One of the reason I have been waiting ( apart from the fact I am not as quick as the scalpers clicking on the order button) is the VRAM subject. At high settings (if I understand the first testimonies, Ultra settings will have to wait the RTX 4xxx serie) what amount of VRAM is needed by MSFS (with the Reverb G2 for example) . The 10GB from the RTX3080 is enough ? or the Radeon 16GB are needed ? Are the 24GB from the RTX 3090 completely NOT compulsory ?
I know that the reverb G1 was, in X plane 11.50 dense areas swallowing 7.5GB of 8GB of VRAM of my ex beloved RTX 2080 and going up to 8 to 9 used GB of the 11GB my RIP 2080ti before crashing due to VRAM excess - if I dared pushing the sliders “on the right”.
Thanks for your advice. Can I jump on any of the current RTX 30xx series or Radeon 68/9xx series or do I have to wait (gosh no pleaaaase !!) the 20GB RTX3080ti.

I will auto reply this topic.
I have seen those last few days on benchmark videos that VRAM usage on RTX 3090 can go up to 17+ GB.

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