There is no downgrade in SU5

Ditto my airbus thrustmaster set ( that took some finding I’ll tell you our literally scouted Europe for the 3 pieces) and you know it’s bad when thrust master official tweet ( repeated on msfs own official site) basically say that they are unable to map as they’d like after SU 5.

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Yes that’s exactly what it’s like hence why we all spent hours or for some days to add 40 gb upload of data to make or rather break our sim worse.


Here is the Thrustmaster quote

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I have the same issue with the white bar, really annoying, I hope the patch it!

Can you share the url please? :open_mouth:

Next time, search for white triangle on this forum :wink:

Read the thread please, it’s clearly documented that changes were implemented which have negatively impacted visual quality and performance on the PC. It’s not a bug and also not necessarily linked to the Xbox release.

Well. It’s clearly mentioned. About ‘documented’ we might disagree at this point.

why are you saying that while replying to me Richard ?? :joy: read my post again

Please tell me you edited your post so I don’t think I’m losing my marbles…

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i didn’t :joy: i thought you clicked reply on a different post by accident

The LOD changes are documented on the change log under SDK. Not entirely sure if it’s purely restricted to the Xbox however.

Sorry :joy: Lost marbles confirmed.

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Give us a clue where.

They are not the same, they are very ugly.

He means use the search function and search for “white triangle” or “toolbar” or “handle bar”

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Increasing your Load from 200 to 400? Since your now limited using your GPU memory and CPU memory I would like to know where you are loading the Load 400?

Tx I am aware of those (even posted these to many users who hadn’t read them). Change LOD did, according to the many different posts here, not mean a degradation per se. Some say they want to throw the sim out because of the pops, some say this is a minor thing to them because they enjoy other aspects that they deem more important.
With documented I mean @gordongreig style. That’s info that we are able to compare. That doesn’t happen very often as you probably know.

So now I start to understand that some people’s interpretation of a line in the releasenotes gets mixed up with the word ‘documented’ :wink:. Their emotion is triggered by their interpretation of that line. Just like Lionel in the video said “we had to get it into the box”. This was interpreted as THE PROOF of the whole dumbing down thing. What they did not take into account was that this segment was centered around the July 27th deadline. Somehow those people mysteriously had forgotten about the development updates road map. Maybe because they were fuzzed by their emotions.

Ow c’mon please. It’s just a few posts above. With a link! :grinning:

But let me help you

Sorry I replied to a person by mistake.