There is no downgrade in SU5

Oh god am I gonna be attacked because of this thread… But someone had to open it.
Guys I have been doing tests and there is no visual downgrade from SU4, believe it or not, it feels like a lot of people have got on board the hate train and now cannot stop. But don’t believe my words, believe my screenshots.

There is though, and I have to mention it beforehand not to lead to confusion, a change in LODs. Basically, if you want to get the same drawing distance as before you have to change your user.cfg file to 400 instead of 200 (which is the maximum you can select from the menus), an easy change that should (and most likely will) be possible to make from inside the game menus.

That being settled, here are a few comparison pictures:

This one is from Sim Update 2

This one is from Sim Update 5



And these two are from another user that provided them to us:
Launch day of London


If you compare these pictures you can see not only there is no visual degradation, but an upgrade from the original quality.
If you doubt my pictures you can check my steam profile and the date they were taken (Steam Community :: Hugothester :: Screenshots)

Finally, for those claiming the sim looks so terrible and bad they can’t use it anymore and are leaving, I will provide a few more pictures I have taken during SU5:

I hope this thread brings some positivity and finally ends the claims of a significant visual downgrade. If I can get these graphics so can you, I am not doing any magic here.


you have any comparrison from FL300+ looking straight down in ultra?
Because this was downgraded significantly.

You have a video footage in Ultra with turning the view?
Because there was significant changes leading to very obvious pop-ins.

You have a low flyby video of an airport comparison?
There was a signifanct change in LOD with now having objects pop in just when you are a few hundred feet away.

And this is nothing users claim, but what was confirmed by the DEV in an interview.

So if you want to see positivity, dont bring up a false statement with incomplete proof.
Stay on the positive, as there is positive things as well:

  • I for my part really like that they finaly have multiple images for the loading screen ( would love to see a cation of where it was taken, though)
  • I like that they optimized performance for low-end systems (unfortunately breaking it for high-end systems)

So ledt us rather point out what everyone LIKES about the new Update instead of claiming all those experiencing downgraded graphics or CTDs are wrong.


Your flying planes at low alt try flying a plane at flt lvl 250+ then report back


quote from another thread:

“We tuned the distances, the draw distances, of objects and the way the LOD’s are being used in order to minimise the number of meshes and textures in memory at the same time.”

no downgrade? thats what asobo stated themselves. They literally tell how they downgraded it, so i dont need no whiteknights telling me “how good it looks”


“Ends the claims”?

Is this some sort of joke? People are experiencing huge graphical downgrades, and you’re basically trying to say that we’re just making this stuff up? It’s impossible to show how bad the anti-aliasing is now from a screenshot. It’s also impossible to show LOD pop-in and frame drops when turning the camera left to right from a screen shot. Not to mention the endless CTD’s.

These are serious issues that need to be addressed, and posts like these that are trying to insinuate that it’s all in our imagination do not help matters


Yeah i 100% agree with this


Honestly this is starting to be ridicolous…


Take again screens above FL 100, and further than 5NM from the cities, record a video when paning around the view, and side by side shots of shaders / clouds / volumetric lights.

Then we will talk.

Really getting boring all those people flying low stuck in the eye-candy small radius pretending there is no problem.


OK, here’s what has changed for me that I have noticed in my first few hours: Other than the FPS boost which I could have gotten from just turning down sliders everything else has degraded. Night lighting is back to pre-SU4 style with no variation in brightness or color, and the longer range highway lights are gone again. The road polygons have been generalized to the point the vertices collapse and overlap so there are weird diamond patterns everywhere now. The clouds are clearly downgraded visually in almost every flight I take with occasional greenish artifacting and often being little more than white smears unless they’re towering cumulus despite being on Ultra. My local city’s skyscrapers don’t begin to appear until 10 miles out now so everything just pops on top of a blank slope and continually pops in more and more as I approach. At 10 miles it’s just an unrecognizable jagged ruin now thanks to the “improved” LOD loading. This was never the case before and it isn’t until 2-3 miles out that the final LOD is loaded. No CFG tweaking is fixing it, no sliders are fixing it. This was pure and simple a downgrade visually.

Look at these amazing roads now. The traffic literally converges and drives through itself, and if the underlying photo is green enough the AI will put bushes in the road around where those diamonds converge, leading to trees and bushes where they shouldn’t be.


Its magic, he is obviously a wizard! :mage:


That is a setting you can freely change, there is a very basic difference between that and a visual downgrade

I actually do have pictures, but not a comparison unfortunately. These are from SU5


ohhhhhh my eyes its so bright (make it stop) :rofl:


How in the world do you extract from that statement that there was a downgrade? lol They are talking about object culling


I made a thread saying that “I dont see the downgrade” It was removed.

look bad to me

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The problem there is your internet or that servers were overloaded


heheheheheh try it that way: :sunglasses:

Still doesn’t look bad. My biggest complaint is the scenery popping into frame while panning, and the fps dropping while panning. And the overal lightning looks definately worse. The color banding with the clouds is a really big difference.


I dont see it too. not saying there isn’t one, I just dont see it

my system