There should be more options for single pilot jets or small jets from Microsoft

I feel there is a huge gap there in MSFS2020 to be filled by small jets and single pilot jets. Microsoft must consider adding some latest aircraft as they did with the Icon A5. Some highly sought-after options would be:

  • Honda Jet
  • Vision Jet, Cirrus Aircraft
  • Flaris LAR-01
  • Piaggio Avanti EVO
  • ViperJet MKII Executive

And, of course, a sailplane like Schempp-Hirth Nimbus-4 is MUCH NEEDED.


Hi, the Honda Jet will be released soon:

And the Vision Jet can you fly on X-Plane 11.

But when I read “Viper” and “jet flown by one pilot” I think of something completely different… :wink:

By the way the Piaggio Avanti EVO surely is one of the most exclusive and futuristic designed airplanes, but unfortunately there never ever was any Piaggio Avanti airplane ever for any flight simulator so I doubt there will ever be one for FS20.

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Sailplanes have not officially been integrated but there are several freeware offerings on including a Discus

There’s also a single seat Bede Bd5-J Microjet available as freeware.

Problem with MS/Adobo adding aircraft will always be that they (like Carenado) don’t aim for system depth but more for visuals (easier and cheaper to do).

So I hope Carenado will bring their Embraer Phenom soon. For me that’s enough complexity but it won’t be for everybody

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The following aircraft are all certified for single pilot operation :+1:

  • Cessna Citation Mustang
  • Embraer Phenom 100
  • Honda Jet

I’ve got a good bit of time in real life flying various flavors of CJs single pilot. The CJ4 qualifies for this list :wink:

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