Thinking of buying a new cpu for Msfs

Hi I`am looking for some advice in getting a new cpu

Current setup
RX 6800
R5 3600
Msi b450
16gb 3200
Gaming in 1440p and fly mostly airliners (like Fenix)

The zen 4 will be a to expansive upgrade so wont be able to afford that. So the goal is to keep the next cpu for the next couple of years. Im thinking of these three options 5800x (294€) - 5700x (273€) - 5600x (209€) but cant decide which one to buy. Does it really benefit to have a 5800x/5700x over a 5600x in msfs?
The price different right now in Sweden is roughly 90 euros between the 5800x and 5600x
The goal/dream would be to run the sim on high settings in stable 35-40 fps. Ideal cpu would be the 5800x3d but for now thats over my budget.

thanks for your help!

5800x for amd and i512600k for intel are now the best buy cpus for MSFS. So go with the 5800x.

That B450 is your main bottleneck and although a 5800 would improve things it won’t be as earthbreaking as it should be

Get the 5800X3D. Thing screams in MSFS, and it’ll be the fastest AM4 socket CPU ever in terms per-core performance.

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Why not the i712700k? More bang for the buck or is there something about the i5 that works better with MSFS than the i7?


So the ideal upgrade would be to upgrade to ab550 and 5800x or to a i5 12600k and a motherboard. Both options will still be cheaper than upgrade to a 5800x3d

You might also consider getting another 16 gig of RAM.

It was for the budget. Of course the i7 is better if you can afford it.

I recently went from the Ryzen 3600 to 5600. Huge improvement. Well worth it.

Someone mentioned above that your b450 mobo would be a bottleneck. This is incorrect. A zen 3 CPU will perform just as well on b450 as x570. Even b350 gives practically the same level of performance.

Edit - hardware unboxed proved this recently… Does the Ryzen 7 5800X3D Work With B350 & X370 Motherboards? - YouTube

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If you have money to spend, there’s only one cpu that is far ahead in terms of perfomance in msfs, 5800x3d.

Amazed that a 5 series cpu can now run on a 350. Yes PCie-4.0 is much more about data rates than gaming however it must be said that not many games are optimised specifically for it so their choice of titles could have had a real impact. I’m certainly not discounting that MSFS2020 isn’t such a game either.
I’ll just add that for many games that once loaded into ram they won’t be continually loading in much by way of new data as MSFS obviously does. Oh and recording the sim in 4k pretty much makes PCIe4 essential.

Yup about the only benefit so far of PCIe 4.0 for gaming/simming would be loading times. MSFS will run on a SATA SSD just as well as the fastest NVME drives once the sim has loaded.

That isn’t my experience at all, not least with scenery popping in and freezes on approach. For me switching to NVMe made a big difference.

5800X3D is amazing. Highly recommended.

The cheapest and best option is to get the 5800X3D. Pretty much the best CPU you can get for MSFS VR. The extra cache really makes a difference. Plus that’s only a CPU change - you’ll save alot of money by not upgrading anything else.

From Linus Tech Tips:


Yes I know, that will probably be my next upgrade after the cpu

Somewhere on these boards is a 16/32 gb comparison video and at the time (sometime later than SU5) there really was very little difference. And I’ll throw into the pot that having just two slots occupied is much more clockable than four. I almost regret the upgrade.


I have the same config, more or less:

Currently RTX 3080, Ryzen 5 3600, 32 GB Ram, Quest 2.
I’m also looking to upgrade my cpu, but waiting for the prices to fall a little bit.

  • I upgraded from 16GB to 32 GB, no difference at all - in fact memory usage is well below 12GB during high loads.

  • I always fly in VR, and with the DLSS upgrade, I have seen improvements. I will wait a bit with the DX12 upgrade and see if i get a few FPS, if not, then will look into upgrading the CPU.

The Ryzen 5 3600 is good, but at the limit for FPS. else it rocks every other game, even cyberpunk.

As for the 5800X3d, I haven’t seen comments relating to increased VR performance - in 2d yes, but not specific to VR…

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I upgraded to a M.2 SSD (with DRAM) from a HDD - the main difference is the loading time. Within the game, there is no difference.

Thanks for this I didn’t realise. Did some digging and found this interesting comparison. Big difference in 1% lows… Microsoft Flight Simulator M.2 NVMe vs SATA SSD vs HDD Game Loading Time and FPS Benchmarks - YouTube