This feels like a SLAP in the face

Honestly Microsoft? Honestly?

Paid full price for the Premium version, made contributions to alpha and beta that took time and effort and did not beg for discounts.

Now shortly after release you place the game in discount on the Xbox app? It’s just been released!

I would rather have waited for this instead of being 50% of the time of my ownership waiting for things to be fixed or tinkering with files to be able to use the sim.

So now that things are finally “mostly” fixed (for me) you come up with this… seriously Microsoft??? please imagine all the expletives I can’t use in this forum to describe how I feel about how you’ve handled everything related to this sim.

And BTW it’s only on the Xbox app the Windows Store app we’ve been using is still full price.

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Things are mostly fixed? Where? Huh? I didn’t get that memo. :rofl:


That isn’t a discount. I can see you have the Game Pass. Those prices are to upgrade from the Standard version to those versions. If you log out of your MS Account you will see the regular prices.

I don’t have the gamepass… I have the premium version and have never paid for the game pass.

Here you go.

I logged out of my Game Pass account and it still shows $119 US for me for the highest version. I get a 20% discount making it $95 US since I have game pass.

It might just be a fluke since you already own a version and are logged into that account but I do not see it on sale anywhere.

Someone with steam version would need to check then I guess.

Should have said ( for myself and how I use it ) and in comparison to the nightmare it was on initial installation.

I show $119 for the highest version on Steam as well.

Guys, stop complaining about how much money you paid. If you had followed the development you should have expected everything. There was enough leaked material, feedback and reviews everywhere. Also, read the contracts you sign.

Besides, I bought the standard edition, do I have less rights to complain about the same bugs now because I paid less?

Is 2020 over with yet?

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I was an Alpha and Beta tester, that may tell you something about me being confident enough to purchase it.

And no, you have the same right to complain about it if it’s standard, where did that come from?

Wait 'til 31st December :slight_smile:

I see the “slap in the face” happening, but it’s not coming from Asobo or Microsoft… :roll_eyes:

can confirm the discount is with the game pass

I don’t have game pass, so what is this a mistake?

Correction, you did not pay for premium version. You paid to be an alpha tester. We all did.

What were you testing exactly?

What I’m trying to say, according to videos and posts, most people were sightseeing during alpha and beta and excited about new features with only a few people putting the software to the acid test. Not saying that goes for everyone but especially that very short beta phase and the release (which felt a little rushed) left me thinking that there might be lots of issues around release and quite some time after.

That patches may make things worse rather than fixing them is far from uncommon to be honest. I never got the insider invite for MSFS but I participated in quite some alpha and beta testing with several software over the years and what I see here is neither shocking, nor surprising.

I can’t even tell anyone because the NDA is still active. :confused:

But I did my fair share of bug reporting, suggestions, scenery checks, performance checks.

And others did way more than me. Sure there were people just flying around minding their own business. But some of us actually tested things proactively and flooded zendesk and the forum with reports.

All I can say is that by the end of beta I was to a scale confident enough to purchase the nicest version.

Boy are you gonna be angry when the 25% Christmas sale happens … :grimacing: