This landscape feature made me feel VR again

If you are like me, any motion sickness is long gone. Nothing left of the slight gut wrenching feeling when doing sharp turns in VR and such. You just sit there, cold like a stone and your body actually feels nothing.

Behold, I just discovered this feature. It is part of the ‘We love VFR’ mod or so I think. It is very high and slim, and as such there is much more parallax motion compared to skyscrapers. First time again that I FELT the height and felt something in my belly when looking down. This 'OMG, I am going to die ’ feeling. Was literally scary to fly around that thing in VR.

50,420147, 2,651360 ( Émetteur TDF de Bouvigny-Boyeffles)


Thank you! Posts like this make it worth to spend countless hours on developing this add-on. I’m really happy that people enjoy it.

PS: soon there will be many taller masts to visit. Americans have some crazy tall ones :wink:


I just discovered this mod as well. Hope the Dev implements it in other parts of the world…like Australia :wink:

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After releasing Americas I plan to return to Europe to add new type of object and then I’ll focus on Asia, Africa and Australia.


Absolutely love this mod. Thank you for your service :fist:

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As I mainly do low & slow VFR flying this mod has become essential! downloaded when it first released and have used it ever since, thank you

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where can I get this mod and how

Here you will find Region 1 that covers Europe and party of North Africa

Region 2 which will cover North and South America will be available soon