This may help some with CTD's. (If you're willing to put the effort in)

Before SU5, I was having huge problems with performance (in the Sim, my wife says my other performance is fine), & CTD’s.
I posted on here for help many times, contacted Zendesk, & tried just about everything short of washing my pc with detergent.

I took the step that many of us in the PC moaner race avoid at all costs: I completely formatted my pc, & re-installed windows, but I didn’t do it the traditional way. I got help from a chap that seems far sharper than me at all things silicon. (To be fair, I’ve built my own pc, so I’m not a complete numpty, but this guy is good with his ones & zeros) He’s a Youtuber named Chris Titus.

His videos helped me to setup my pc with as little bloatware & other cr*p that would otherwise bog it down & cause clashes. (And probably got rid of some pesky FS2020 code floating about too)

The first, a windows setup guide, which helps you have a very clean install of windows 10.

The second, how to install Nvidia drivers the right way, also, without all the addon Bloat. This one really helped & I actually redo it regularly!

Since doing this I not only have a more stable Flight Sim, but a much faster PC.

So if you’re at your wits end & just about to post that you’re uninstalling Flight Sim & pulling out your knitting gear until they fix it, perhaps try this as a last resort?

Unfortunately “nuke your PC because we can’t code for ■■■■” is no excuse nor a solution for anything. Not when we paid as much as we’ve paid for this product.

On top of that some of us actually work for a living and have stuff on the PC that can’t be backed up or nuked. Not to mention everything else that goes with formatting a whole system. Sometimes formatting just isn’t an option.

Asobosoft need to get their heads out their collective aholes and start fixing this stuff. My sim just today ran perfectly fine for most of the day…2 sectors of about 2.5 hours each on VATSIM with no stutter, 3 hours after at night try to run the 3rd sector it just freezes and crashes and it’s all it’s done for the past 2 hours. Same system, same install, same computer, same everything. It just won’t go. This might as well be called donkey simulator (or maybe it’s me that’s the donkey for spending money on this bugware).

All this to say we, the paying customer (and it’s not pennies we’re paying) should not have to nuke our own systems because a publisher/developer can’t work it out…

PS: I know you’re just trying to help out and I don’t mean my post to be interpreted as an attack. It’s just a venting of a month of frustration…


The way I see it, this forum is here for people to help each other out, give advice & assistance, make suggestions, share cool stuff related to the sim & report problems they’re having as accurately as possible (& without emotion), so that Asobo can try to reproduce the problems & then fix them.

If we could separate that from all the users screaming blue murder & throwing their toy airplanes out the cot, abusing anybody else that has something positive to say, & making pointless threats to complete strangers that they’ll uninstall the software & never talk to Microsoft again, then, this Forum will be a REALLY productive place. (I’m not saying this is you, I understand your frustration, I’ve been there too)

I’m not for a second defending what I agree is at the very least, rushed coding with more holes in it than a shotgun blasted sieve.

It does seem though that the status Quo for the Gaming industry these days is that there is no such thing as a Beta test before release, we are the Beta testers!
So for the time being, we should just help each other out as best we can. I’ve been helped countless times by Forum users.

And, lets be honest, Assimulator sounds like great fun!