This must be changed urgently (bumpy runway)

This must be changed urgently.
You always think that when there are updates to the simulator you think it is for the better. Well this is already the worst thing that could have happened. Since when have runways been bumpy? In my life I thought I was going to see my plane in an upright position because there seems to be a small wall on the runway. Looking at it from above it’s a V. This is ridiculous. It was better to wait a month than to prepare an update that does not work. All running and very bad. What are you doing developers? Much sell the product and it is a BETA, not a final product or Alpha.
Really disappointed. You were on the right track. But this is one step forward and four steps back.
It seems that you have left Homer Simpson in control of your PC.
The orientation of the tracks in degrees is not correct. It does not match the Airacs of Navigraph or Aerosoft. And even worse, not even with the original CARDS from each airport.
Airplanes are not working properly. There are folks from the aviation and simulator community doing the work for you. An example the Airbus 320 NX.
Really if this continues, it is better to stop making people excited.
Do your job we are in the XXI Century. They have the technology, the means and the money to get it right.
Luckily some of its developers are not surgeons if we weren’t all dead.

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sir, this is the bug report forum


What excatly do you want us to vote for?

My vote is: - 1

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sorry i will move the text to the right place

Hi @Juankeiko, I moved the post for you. Also, without specifics this is a hard report to follow. If I read that correctly, I think you are referring to an airport with a bumpy runway and incorrect alignment with the proper magnetic heading. If that is the case, please post specifics, including airport ID, runway, and maybe even screenshots. Additionally, please try to use a descriptive subject that allows others to find the topic when searching through the forums. I added (bumpy runway) to help with that.


Thank you very much for your help. I’m sorry for these criticisms but it’s what I feel.
Thanks again for your help.

No problem! Criticism is always welcome, just want to make sure it is something the development team can work with to resolve any issues. :+1:t2:

I’ve logged a number of these airport defects with Zendesk, things like bumpy taxiways, grass sections of a paved taxiway, runways sunken into the ground etc.

I suggest the same, take pictures of the airport in sim showing the issue, and I also showed an image of the airport in Littlenavmap, highlighting the location of the defect.

Please see this topic. This bug is very long-standing but inconsistent. Sadly, it has yet to get addressed or even gotten the attention it deserves.


I definitely recommend you submitting a Zendesk report (or multiple) with what you’re experiencing. This post is a little hard to follow without being more descriptive in the issues you’re running into.

Please see the thread I linked. Those who have experienced this bug - and continue to experience it - know exactly what he means.

The bumpy runway and the spacetime tear in the terrain has always been around since the Japan update first rolled out months ago.

Having this “bumpy” problem. Already reported to Zendesk.

It happened to me as well, in MULTIPLE airports. Haneda Japan, San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, to name a a few, all have bumps on the road.

Please vote to raise the question at the next QA:

I think this is related to the “roller coaster runway” issue where it seems that incorrect terrain data is loaded and the runway/taxi-ways/entire airport have extreme changes in elevation.
I’ve seen this quite a few times. I’ve noticed that when it occurs there are generally no runway lights either.

Not sure if it’s related to the invisible objects issue. I have only experienced this once but I definitely got stuck on an invisible object on a taxi-way.

Quite possible it’s related to the “airport has not loaded properly and game spawns you into a location where your aircraft will flip upside down” which I experienced at night last week in Berlin. - loading into a certain gate in the KingAir. Aircraft seems to spawn in air and fall then end up crashed and end game or coming to rest upside down. It was entirely repeatable.