This post is not for everybody...but it might help some

Hi all,
I’m 75 and have been enjoying this hobby for a very long time now. Unfortunately my vision is deteriorating. I have acute, marginally correctable astigmatism and have cornea transplants in each eye which complicate the situation by blurring my vision. Not complaining, not asking for sympathy, just saying. It is what it is and I deal with it very well, thank you. Here’s my point:

Your efforts to maximize the visual quality of MSFS 2020 might actually work against you in a practical sense. I’m not addressing the issues of bugs, CTD’s and other problems that exist to cause you to not be able to enjoy this sim. I’m only talking about the visual quality of this sim and how it can be adjusted and how those adjustments can compromise the efficiency of MSFS 2020 as it operates on your particular system.

If your vision won’t allow you to benefit from sharp textures, intricate detail, large areas of dense scenery, etc., then recognise that and adjust MSFS 2020 downward accordingly. The result, at least for me, has been an ability to run MSFS 2020 in “windowed” mode, spread over 3, 27" monitors like I once did using FSX and P3d and achieve FPS numbers in the low to middle 30’s all while using an I7-6700, Gtx 980ti and 32 gigs of RAM - an acceptable combination of hardware but certainly not the best. Don’t get caught up in chasing the “latest and greatest” graphics settings. The old adage of “you don’t need a $10,000 stereo if you have a $100 ear” applies here.

Hope this helps you to think about you own personal situation and consider making appropriate adjustments accordingly so that your personal experience using MSFS 2020 more accurately reflects your own abilities to interact with it.