This rocks! Flying around Sedona, Arizona (32 Pics)

Apologies for the high number of images but this area is just a screenshot magnet and I already pared it down quite a lot (I gotta make a video too!). Flying around the beautiful red rocks of Sedona with the Carenado 170. I’m using the X-CODR Sedona Red Rocks payware scenery:


Wow, beautiful

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May I ask what your graphic settings are and Nvidia settings (if you are using a Nvidia card)

Screen shots look amazing and so real I might add! Definitely makes me wanna fly around there.

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Wow! Thanks for sharing. Might have to look into this scenery. Have always wanted to visit Sedona so might just have to do it virtually from the air first! Clear skies!

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Beautiful pics, I’m going to check it out tonight!

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Awesome screenshots!

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No special Nvidia settings … everything is on default settings except for the Max Framerate which I limit to 60 FPS.

And here are my Graphics Settings:


Nice shot, just like the good old days. I’m sure your video will be one of your masterpieces again. :+1:

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Is this the Sedona National park add-on that can be bought in the store?

Looks amazing!

It is.

The first thing one is thinking is: Are there really that many trees, it´s a desert area!
Yes it has trees. This is definately a uniqué style of nature I have never before seen anywhere.

Very uniqué and fascinating.

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This area is magnificient and seems to be well deserve by this payware addon. Maybe your post worth a little selection or description for those not capable to identify Cathedral Rock.

About the location, Not to mention, KSEZ, Airport In The Sky offered by the stocked version of MSFS.


you should highlight that this is not stock scenery, its a payware addon !

From my original post. :wink:

missing the word " payware" !

True! Added!

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indeed much nicer than the stock sedona !

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Absolutely stunning!

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In case someone interested missed the separate topic. I did make a video. :wink: