This SU5 update was brutal. My sim is useless

I was enjoying FS until SU5 appeared. Now, immediately after this mandatory SU5 I haven’t been able to use the Sim.

From CTDs taxiing or the 787 bunch of new broken stuff, it’s impossible to use.

I tried everything: deleting the content of the Community Folder, uninstall and finally tried to install with no success after 3 days trying.

Downloaded netlimiter,set it to 5mbps, changed the installation folder,it keeps looping and restarting the download. This is crazy. I’m a programmer and I have never seen this level of problems ever!

Going back to XPlane. The superior sceneries are not worth this headache.

Is there anyway to get a refund?

Microsoft Store version
Intel i9-9900, RTX 2080 Super, 32Ram, 1TB NVME.

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