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There is still something going on with the lighting, I think. I’ve stressed my PC and can’t get these results (or any tearing) on any other piece of software I own. This only occurs at dawn/dusk.

Yes, this is an older video, but the problem remains.


Just got CTD during landing.

In a way the hotfix was successful in fixing some major issues introduces by SU 5 and the multitude of HotFixes . The Problem is there are still more things broken than what the HotFixes have repaired.
VATSIM and IVAO traffic models have NO lights . * Also the AI traffic has No Lights/
TCAS on VATSIM still reports the wrong altitude .
Using Right Click to look in Cockpit the Control surfaces are locked , this is a big problem .
The 10 to 20 second pauses in the Sim , even with a GEN 4 M.2 4000mb/s and a RTX 3090 …
Since SU 5 the loading times have significantly increased .
Night Lighting is Bad , really baD in some places with just a yellow blob on the ground from FL 300 and above …
WindSocks have now for 10 updates still have the worst LOD of any object followed by taxi signs .
Weather has improved but clear air turbulence is still underwhelming not to speak about the cloud and storm turbulence.

But the sim is beautiful in all its flaws and wish and hope you , Yes you Asobo take time and read the posts and comments but for a change start listening to the voices out there …

Lawrence , Old Timer Pilot in RL and Retired


I think this is a VR only bug? For me, I only see it in my left eye, when the lights are shining. Pretty sure I have seen it acknowledged somewhere, but it has been a busy few days, so not sure where.

Please fix the problem with “Huge pixels and screen tearing” when Render Scaling >100 at high resolutions. This happens since SU5 and not yet fixed in two latest Hotfix.


Are the tooltips going to get ported back to something useful.
They are to big and blockie now they get in the way of buttons etc.

Are we ever going to get working taxi and landing lights? (broken since day 1)

Is the weight and fuel page ever going to get fixed so we can save changes that will persist for the next flight? (broken since day 1 but even more broken now)

It seems like the whole thing got re-built and we are starting over from scratch.


I always had multiplayer off. But now, if I don’t activate it, it puts me in disconnected mode and doesn’t allow me to connect to any server. This was not like that before. With SU4 you could be connected to a server even with multiplayer off. Is it just me or is it a new simulator feature?


What I noticed is that I must have multi player set to ON to see the weather/time icon in the toolbar.
Setting flight conditions so I dont see multiplayers then sorts things out but I dont see the connection.
Why should switching multiplayer on or off influenze the weather and time setting icon on the toolbar?

I know the hotfix still leaves some errors for the next (i hope) world or simupdate. So ATC is still incorrect in height, being called to expedite my climb for 2hrs every 30s now well i’m on cruising altitude…

And while the graphics are better then before the update, it’s still a mess. Buildings dissapear, meshed, lod is not right… And i just had this blue fallout at Vancouver

I personally don’t care about the popups as long as it’s not to much, but please fix the graphics part, the controls and ATC, because this is really irritating when you are nog familiar with things like Vatsim and so on

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The sim was OK for me after Hotfix and had a few good flights in various Aircraft. Now after planning a short flight from Biggin to Gatwick in A320 NEO, went to loading it and halfway through loading the screen has frozen. Have emptied the Community folder, turned rolling cache off, restarted PC a few times but still hangs. Is this looking like I will have to re-install or would it be something that the “Hotfix” has removed ?

Are we going to get another hotfix to address the other (main) issues that were introduced with SU5? Otherwise we need to sit about for another month until SU6 is released at which stage (based on the success rates to date) new issues will be introduced.


I have nt played in weeks and my download is 124GB. 24 hours a nd im 17% through it. I have 100MB internet. So I guess MS throttle the patch servers?


I had the same a few weeks back when my HD packed in and had to start from scratch (I have 200MB speed) but it still took overnight and very frustrating.

Leave for a trip to Hawaii in real life, come home, install SU5 and hotfixes… and this is the quality of the sim now? What on earth happened? It looks like an entirely different game.

Yes… I’ve set my settings to low end, saved, and reset them to ultra

Yes… I’ve cleared my community folder

Yes… I’ve deleted rolling cache


I’m still disappointed about the clouds and the lighting. I really want SU5 lighting back, at least a bit. Especially the clouds; The whole scene was brighter but the clouds themselves definitely got their own boost separately.

Now, they’re back to being grey, overly-dark spitballs.

Or even comically dark mushroom soup

I feel like one of only a few people around here who feels this way. Please, at least enable us some sort of option for configuring the clouds, if bringing back the SU5 clouds would really upset other people.


Sometimes I read about users suffering from CTD just because of flying over an airport.
It never happened to me until today with Schiphol-EHAM.
Taking off or flying over is enough for CTD.

Waiting to head off to work this morning just thought I’d take a spin around the rotten Apple and snap some 8 x 10 glossy’s (us old, old folks will get the reference lol)


Maybe try it with live and AI traffic turned off or low? When the planes spawn into a large airport, all at once, it can cause issues.

It won’t solve your problem, but I could help narrow down the underlying cause.

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