Keep getting switch to offline mode

this was just happening to me. i also forgot to mention, theres a dialog that comes up letting you know you’ve been disconnected. you have to press some buttons, i think its accept and something else. thing is, it appears even in mid-flight, and takes the foreground, so controls are disableed untill you press something. it just made me crash.

This started happening for me with the Updated 5. Was all good before. So I do believe it’s one of the new bugs introduced into the update 5. Eventual I would get a message that the flight sim connected back. Although I have not seen this happening with the latest hotfix but I also only flew once, since then.

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Me too , after this update i can’t fly anymore.

This is so sad paid so much money for premium deluxe when first release. Now i can’t even fly in this sim. I have tried everything now.

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Can’t see Asobo is responsible for anyone’s internet and networking problems when their set up obviously works for the vast majority … or there would be many, many more complaints.

Some folk have reported as many as 27 steps from server to user and the bottlenecks really can be anywhere in between. For this you need to take it up with your ISP and they will have to either fix it or interact with the other network providers that can.

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Question and answer from another thread.

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See that’s where you are wrong . My younger brother have the same ISP with lower bandwidth about 25mbps. He run all ultra setting and doesn’t have this problem. I have 50Mbps and didn’t have this problem before , again the same ISP and he lives right next to me.

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This is NOT a bandwidth issue. Due to NDA I cant elaborate, but it was supposed to be fixed. Many people, including myself have been having this issue (there are other threads on it). Never had this issue before having used this sim very often since launch.

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Same here haven’t used this sim since April . Came back reinstall windows , reinstall this sim with this new update. I also make sure to have all windows update. Then this happen without a clue why. But thanks for letting us know its not a bandwidth problem. Before i open this thread i saw other thread with similar problem with a lot of other users on the same boat .

I bought the game 2 months ago when it was still SU4. Only issues I had with SU4 were an occasional CTD. then SU5 came with all sorts of issues. but this with the disconnects I think started happening after hotfix 1 or 2. cant remember it happening right after I updated to SU5. it was maybe a few days later.

Interesting but it pretty much proves that the problems are local to you. Ever thought of copying your brother’s network settings (including those on in his router)?

Your ISP speeds are only to your ISP, not to Microsoft. There are multiple routers between you and Microsoft and any of these could throttle your downloads at any time.

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Did that same problem, reset the router . Call my ISP this morning had them reset the modem on their end still the same problem.

Well they need to come out and address it. Many people are having this issue and since it started happening at XBOX launch one can rightfully think that it is being caused by server/bandwidth issues. Granted I’ve had much better luck this past week than I did the first week after SU5 but every once in a while I still get the data warning and asking me to disconnect Bing.

FlightSim 340 don’t listen to others that are saying it is an issue on your end. It definitely is not. Too many others have had the same exact issue. I’ve assumed bandwidth issues on MS end but if this other user has information that contradicts that then who knows. Just hopefully they will address and fix it soon.


Yes I know also someone today reported the exact same issue on fb.

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I can confirm the exact same issue happening to me the past few days… Its annoying…

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Yea its been happening since SU5 release. Actually been happening since launch last year just on a much smaller scale. Completely random when/who will be affected too it seems. I hate it when I see people post having issues and they think or are told it is an issue on their end. I’m sure sometimes that is true but for the most part these data warnings and scenery not loading is an issue on MS end.

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I think there’s a lot of people don’t understand that if they insist on putting their data on an external HDD they will be limiting their whole system to astonishingly low data rates and this in itself can manifest itself in the handling of it. And potentially this goes for any external drive that uses usb even if it happens to be one of the (early) blue ones.

Turn it off at least till you have found your problem

Turn what off ?