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I dont think i am complaining…i am given feedback and my concerns with update…without all these past feedbacks the hotfixes wouldnt even come quick enough to help users with all sort of issues after SU5, is a proof of the importance of giving frank feebacks, and issues with each update are very genuine concerns many other users probably have after SU5.

But if you cannot accept any “negative” feebacks or posts written, i suggest you can dont read or reply. You really are not required to read unless you are working for asobo…

My apologies to you sir…didn’t mean to create a big stir…though I clarified that with my follow up posts. Sorry for the trouble👍


Managed to get the Hotfix installe3d after installing the XBox App, which I was unaware of previously. Sadly thereafter there have been a number of CTDs and application hangs. looking forward to the next update to restore usability. Currently it is sadly too error prone,

Evidence (and a fix):

Which will give you benefit in the future, to the knowledge you accuired, when time seems lost.
And by the way getting lost is the best way of sightseeing.


Anyone else notice that their flight history is stuck in the last flight history before the update and now seemingly not reporting recent departure history?

Do you have dev mode on?

Nope, sure don’t.

Mine was completely wiped out. minor issue but yes another bug I suppose.

Yeah but the graphics have taken a massive downgrade for us users who already had a smooth VR setup.


My flight history didn’t work even before last update.

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set 30 fps in the settings and then it will work on 60 fps
refresh rate divided by 2
I have a 120 hertz monitor. installed on 30 fps in the simulator and it is now running on 60 fps

any news on ORBX London pack?
I have just managed to load a flight over London, while having ORBX London city pack installed via in-game marketplace.
after about a minute of flying, MSFS crashed to desktop CTD

The sim Was OK for me after Hotfix and had a few good flights in various Aircraft. Now after planning a short flight from Biggin to Gatwick in Standard A320, went to loading it and halfway through loading the screen has frozen, why cant things be simple anymore.

Not for myself and many others - sim looks as fantastic as it ever has and now performs so much better.

I am lucky enough not to suffer with CTDs. The only issues I currently have are a few small areas with scenery data glitches, and ‘pop in’ - which is a known issue that has already been acknowledged and marked for fixing.


Brings one to question perhaps if simple is ever really simple at all. Like that in changing the TV channel with the remote in your hand is simple until one realize how much lie behind the remote control through what is inside and further through that where all derive. :wink:


Go to general options > data > rolling cache off.

Then close the app and restart.

Handle atc calls yourself without AI and it should work.

Managed a full A320 flight LGW-LUX without issue today. Had endless ctd yesterday.


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