Discussion + Poll: Sim Update V (

Do you guys even read the information on this from Asobo?

It doesn’t normally take this long.

My flights usually load up in about a minute :slightly_smiling_face:

Bad English! :grin: Over the course of 4-5 days I was repeatedly waiting unsuccessfully for flights to launch, each sim session taking 5-15 minutes for NOTHING to happen. Multiple times! :rofl:


I run the tool in the addon liker and indeed some products in the Orbx site, including Gaya seems to have the material stuff that conflicts.
I have finished installing every payware I have and just one doesn’t allow the sim to star so it is gone.
All the rest work, fortunately, after the running of the tool and the update.
But I have not tested this area of Liverpool. If the issue is that just that texture I’ll leave it like that as I won’t be flying to often in the area, so it won’t worth the exhausting procedure of checking every single addon
As per free addons just have some liveries, and scenery for my country and a couple of other countries more. I panic to add more.

“It would be good to join you in MSFS to fly formation sometime?”
Sure thing Nigel, anytime
In which part of the world are you. I’m based in Costa Rica.

Thank you!


I did a compleet reinstall cause after SU5 the sim refused to start up. After several atempts too repair it i deleted the sim compleet every file i could find. After the reinstall only scenery i got outside the marketplace gave me some problems after removing them no problems with the sim at all.

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About the performance did you get that increase after reinstall ? I didn’t get this well advertised perf increase so I’am considering a complete win 10 and MSFS reinstall as well.

Yes the performance in my case whas about 10 to 20 percent from the high 20’s to the mid 30’s. I even thinking of doing a complete reinstall every Simupdate it’s more work. But safer.

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Hi Carlos,

London, U.K. ET + 5hrs. I’m up and running on MSFS again. Let me know - I’ll invite you, agree a date/time - or just look out fir whenever we’re online together?


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It’s taken me ten days to download this update, with incredibly slow and stuttery download speeds, constantly dropping out. This has been my experience since the beta trial I tried to participate in 18 months ago. As always suddenly my download speeds return to normal, so this morning I easily downloaded the last of the updates, and started on the content updates within the Sim. Having finally completed that task I switched my computer off for an hour, then refilled a simbrief flight plan and fired up MSFS for the first flight in 11 days. Now I have a new update! Only 180.77 Mib. No problem. Ha. Nothing is easy with this software. My download speed starts at around 3 Mbps, drops gradually to zero and then, whatever percentage of the Sim is downloaded, it stops and starts again. What an absolutely useless piece of software. If I produced anything like this I would feel ashamed. I don’t think Microsoft feel shame any more. I don’t blame Asobo, they have produced a wonderful representation of the world. Microsoft are the villains here as far as I am concerned, their profits jumped by 44% last year to 16.5 billion dollars. They need to think of their customers and sort this mess out.

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Yeah does any one know how to fix the A320NX external HUD problem? It is showing up on multiple planes including the 787-X. Its only displaying the cessna HUD. Any Ideas?

Roger that
I’ve never flown on line but sounds cool
I’ll reach out

Thank you for the prompt action taken with today’s update!
Performance is yet amazing
Clouds are looking very well


It should be made clear that one needs 22,91 GB + 39,78GB of Space.

Hi Carlos,

Invite DREADGEM2957418 - that’s my MSFS handle.

I thought Acuario9383 was your handle, but I see it isn’t!

I’m online now, 4.40pm - 6.00pm ET, August 11.



The more you update, the more garbage, it’s better not to update

This is actually not true. One of the big changes in the SU5 was vastly improved garbage collection in the RAM, resulting in much lower general usage of it. Some folks here however have interpreted that as “dumbing down to XBOX” and have been complaining why their 64GB is not being filled up anymore.

Look at the memory usage in dev mode, don’t the numbers come suspiciously close to the xbox limits? What other reason could they have had to limit memory so aggressively?

Take the new terrain culling for example. Surrounding terrain is unloaded as soon as you look away, with a high chance of having to be reloaded again soon causing pop-in and stutters. Doesn’t sound very optimal unless they had no other choice to make it fit into the box.


Closed as this version is very much overtaken by current events. For the latest conversations, please see:



Ok. I’ve been here since the beginning. I have a very mid-level computer -
Z390 MB
Nvidia GTX 1060
NVMe PCIe M.2 500GB

Performance on release was as I expected. Fair at best, and some airport approaches in the 10FPS range. It seemed to have gotten worse as the updates came and went. Then with SU5, it’s like a light went on. I now get > 30FPS, with complex airports knocking me down into the low 20s. Never in the teens.

How did Asobo all of a sudden improve the performance as much as they did? I was all set to pull the trigger on an overpriced RTX 3XXX, but now I can wait until they come back to launch pricing, if that ever happens…

There are lots of topics on this, I suggest you go looking for one, but here is a TLDR:

FPS improvements were gained through some optimisation, but also through gutting the visual quality of the game (e.g., assets popping, lowering LoDs, compressing colours, etc.) - Some of these changes could have and should have been tied to settings so that high-end PC users could still keep their high quality. After backlash, these settings have been or will soon be implemented.

Now we get the best of both worlds. Low-end PCs (including Xbox) can get good frame rates, with reasonable graphic quality, while high-end PCs like my own can still get the quality we want, even if that means lower than SU5 FPS.

Hope that helps.