Those Temperature Spikes

They have not been fixed, not even a little bit. I think they’re the reason why ATC suddenly can no longer tell what altitude you’re at, they’re the reason the plane hits a brick wall of air every few minutes, they’re causing me so many problems that I refuse to use this sim in IFR at altitudes above, say, 10,000ft until it’s been fixed.

I’m not too bothered about these so-called graphical ‘downgrades’. I’m perfectly happy with the performance gains I have gotten from them. But for God’s sakes, please do something about the Temp spikes.

How comes when Asobo does some update, they fix one thing then like clockwork break 3 more things that would seem completely unrelated? Why is that? Do they not test these things before releasing them? Because it would have taken ONE FLIGHT to realise there was something very wrong with the temp spikes.

Do they ever have some form of internal beta periods? Do these beta phases ever extend to the public? Does Asobo disagree that public betas before just unleashing these broken updates onto everyone are a good idea?

And by the way, the hell I had in trying to only GET Sim Update 5 the other day. Took me an hour to figure out how to download it, it certainly wasn’t by simply doing what I have done to download every other update, and then having finally got to the point where it downloaded it, I was treated to the kingly download speed of 0.15mb (that’s megaBITs, not megaBYTES, there are 8 bits to every 1 byte) for about 80% of the time. It would then have then 1 to 2 minute spurts of something approaching full speed. Meanwhile, people elsewhere in the world were downloading at speeds pretty close to normal.

Just what on earth was going on? 0.15megabits isn’t good enough. You’re Microsoft. It’s especially galling that guys in France, The US, Canada, Germany and other countries had virtually no throttling. Me here in the UK, with a 72mb per second normal download speed, I was throttled to virtually 0. The whole download, no joke, took over a day. It was over a day from first clicking the button, to finally getting inside the menus at the title screen.

And if I were to complain about it here, I would have had guys telling me to grow up, telling me how it was to be expected that we would experience throttling. Yeah, I expected throttling too. I didn’t expect to be throttled back to the year 1995. I know I would have had guys telling me that because I saw it happening here in real time to others.

Asobo, you have the benefit of Microsoft’s backing. Your servers should be some of the very best in the world when it comes to consumer products. I should expect to get the same sort of speeds as people in France and Germany got, I live no more than a 30 minute flight from Paris. Yet I got 56k dial up speeds, and waited 5 minutes a time for a 1 to 2 minute spurt of still far-below normal speeds of around 30mbps.

However, despite the way it looks in this now rather long post, despite the amount of spacew taken up by the download issue, I am most concerned with the Temperature spikes which you have said you already fixed. You haven’t!. For the mlove of all that’s holy, have a public beta period before releasing the actual updates in future! And actually fix the things you say you already fixed.

Thank you.

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