Thoughts on Bespoke Flight Sim Stand/Cockpits

Since many of you were super helpful in my selecting of a new display, I’m reaching out again to seek some thoughts on a sim station.

What I have now is a bespoke corner desk. On or mounted to the desk are a Thrustmaster Boeing TCA yoke, two Boeing TCA throttle quadrants for 6 axis, a Razer num-keyless keyboard, 32” Alienware curved display, three clamp-on mouse pads for mouse, Xbox controller, coffee(most important) and Klipsch speakers & subwoofer.

Under the desk are Thrustmaster TPR pedals and the PC.

All of this works very well for me when I’m flying aircraft that a yoke is most appropriate for. I mainly fly GA, so this works for me.

However, I find my vintage military and other stick-based aircraft sitting over there in the hangar not getting flown. I also, very much, want to invest in helicopter controls and start flying those more seriously.

That brings me to the topic at hand:

What to do about a modular sim station that can have controls swapped in/out without a massive amount of drama and reconfiguration.

I’ve been tempted to get this or something like it:

But what I don’t know is how easily that can be reconfigured for a flight stick or a helicopter’s cyclic and collective or my current Hotas, which is going unused.

I know someone out there must have a setup that they can switch between without spending half a day on reconfiguring.

Please, offer me your words of wisdom and/or solutions to this first-world problem.


All I can offer is this:

  • I have a Honeycomp Alpha/Bravo set.
  • I purchased under desk mounts for them, so they wouldn’t be on top of the desk.
  • Those mounts have simple thumbscrews that allow me to easily remove them.
  • The Virpil joystick/base I’m waiting on delivery for has a 200mm long mount with a QR mount.

So if I want to switch from yoke to joystick (or cyclic) I simply need to remove the yoke and put the joystick/base mount in its place.

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I’d love to get an under desk mount for my Yoko but I don’t think such a thing exists for them.